at this point

Posted: 01/29/2010 in house

i heard the most wonderful words come from my husband’s mouth last night.


the most wonderful.


it wasn’t,

“i love you.”

don’t think me horrible.

not just yet, anyway.

he said,

“we are gonna make it”


WE ARE?!!!!!!!!!!?

we are going to close april 1st.

at this point…

should i emphasis that?


it could change any moment.

do i let my hopes get up?

too late.

it’s just too late.

they are soaring.

just 8 more weeks.

i best get to unpacking.

and repacking.

and organizing.

cuz baby, WE ARE MOVING UP!



… and then we’re going to have a baby.


it’s just too much to take in.

it’s so surreal.

really really weird.

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