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21 1/2

Posted: 02/10/2010 in baby bean #2, pictures


i’m struggling with being really grouchy.

so what do i do?

i go take pictures and refocus.

stop focusing on all the things going wrong around me.

i could list them.

but that’s just silly.

cuz we’re refocusing, right?!!

so here we go.

last night i stayed up an extra half hour with the bedside lamp on because sooooomeone was doing some dancin’.

and it wasn’t me.

it’s so alien like…

watching your “stomach” move and stretch around moving parts that you can feel inside.

it’s weird.

but cool!

and i forget how fun it is. 🙂

it’s good for me,

to take time and stop and think and imagine what is inside me.

to acknowledge it’s real-ness.

so that’s what i did.

and am working on doing today.

baby’s and children bring a sweetness into our lives like nothing else.

i’m focusing on that.

basking in it.

until my 2 1/2 year old wakes up and makes me wonder why i’m pregnant again. 😉

a few things i don’t want to forget:

the shape of this belly, right here….

when the baby is sleeping

(i’m assuming cuz there is absolutely no movement, which is becoming more rare these days for any length of time, more than an hour… i usually feel major movements within an hour and a 1/2)

he/she sticks her/his butt out.


thus, you get the “butt shaped belly”. it’s cute, huh!

(can you see it?? picture the head facing my spine down where the words are “21 ish weeks”. the baby’s back runs up my belly and then there’s the butt sticking out… i’ll try to catch a picture in the next day or two when the baby is flipped and facing out – you’ll really be able to see it then!)