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Posted: 02/22/2010 in baby bean #2

i splurged.

i don’t do this very often.

i probably will only do this one or two other times before #2 arrives.

and yes, it will probably be boy stuff.

i just can’t rationalize buying more girl stuff just yet.

if this baby is a girl, she has PLENTY!

and i’ll just buy her a few can’t-pass-up items so she has some baby outfits that were just her’s.

but if this is my lil man.

he has nothing.

although, men don’t usually mind.

but i do.

thus, justifying a couple premature splurges.

you tellin’ me you could pass up these monkey’s twice?

i did the first time.

i know, pat me on the back.

but the second time.

just. couldn’t. do. it.!

oh and the daddy and me??

that’s what i bought to get away with the splurge.


with the cutest navy sweats! who knew sweats, SWEATS! could be cute! 😉

just 17 weeks to go people!


where has the time gone??

oh wait.

it’s dragging.

i remember.


but worth the wait.