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Posted: 02/13/2010 in birth

if you’ve had an unassisted birth, check this out and email this gal so you can fill out her survey too!

how interesting is this!

i thoroughly enjoyed reading this…

Unassisted Childbirth Statistics

As many of you know, I have been collecting statistics from women who have given birth unassisted, at home without the aid of a doctor or midwife.

Although I am still going to be collecting information for quite a while there are those who have asked to see periodic summaries of the information I have gathered so far.  Here is a summary that is current as of:      Dec. 1, 2009

Number of Total Births =  264

Average #weeks gestation at time of birth =   40.35


35 weeks      .49%
36 weeks    1.99%
37 weeks    2.96%
38 weeks    5.47%
39 weeks  15.42%
40 weeks  34.82%
41 weeks  19.40%
42 weeks    5.97%
43 weeks    7.96%
44 weeks    1.49%
Unknown    3.96%

Lowest Birth Weight  5 lb 7 oz
Highest Birth Weight  12 lb 0 oz

Received Medical Prenatal Care   53.23 %   Average # prenatal visits   4.63
Performed Own Prenetal Care      46.76 %

Low Risk     High Risk      Moderate Risk

54.22%        18.40%           27.36%

Transported To Hospital    8.45 %     Before Birth  After Birth
4.97%         3.48%

C-sections required  .99% (2 out of 201) This is less than 1%
Hospital C-section rate averages 22 to 25%

Had Newborn Examined By Doctor After Birth     44.27 %

Newborn Complications requiring emergency transport   0.00%
Infant Mortality  0.00%

Average Age of Mother   28.63

Youngest Mother  19
Oldest Mother  42

Attempted/Failed UC   .99 %



Posted: 02/12/2010 in lizzie faith, pictures

i caved.

oh good grief.

these are the cutest things i’ve ever seen.

i’ve been wanting to buy them for lizzie since i started shoe shopping for her.

lizzie picked them out.


over BROWN fake converse’s with pink flowers.

oh how i love my daughter’s tastes – today!

yesterday she was wearing snowman pj’s with her christmas dress over them.

something only the grandparents can appreciate, i think. 😉

i call this my survive the winter splurge.

yes, they are bermuda shorts.


i know, i know. it’s snowing right now.


i bought them big enough for them to fit in a few months. boo!


Posted: 02/11/2010 in lizzie faith, videos

oh my goodness! i have laughed so hard this afternoon!!!! this is a HOOT!

this is lizzie dancing at 16 months old.

21 1/2

Posted: 02/10/2010 in baby bean #2, pictures


i’m struggling with being really grouchy.

so what do i do?

i go take pictures and refocus.

stop focusing on all the things going wrong around me.

i could list them.

but that’s just silly.

cuz we’re refocusing, right?!!

so here we go.

last night i stayed up an extra half hour with the bedside lamp on because sooooomeone was doing some dancin’.

and it wasn’t me.

it’s so alien like…

watching your “stomach” move and stretch around moving parts that you can feel inside.

it’s weird.

but cool!

and i forget how fun it is. 🙂

it’s good for me,

to take time and stop and think and imagine what is inside me.

to acknowledge it’s real-ness.

so that’s what i did.

and am working on doing today.

baby’s and children bring a sweetness into our lives like nothing else.

i’m focusing on that.

basking in it.

until my 2 1/2 year old wakes up and makes me wonder why i’m pregnant again. 😉

a few things i don’t want to forget:

the shape of this belly, right here….

when the baby is sleeping

(i’m assuming cuz there is absolutely no movement, which is becoming more rare these days for any length of time, more than an hour… i usually feel major movements within an hour and a 1/2)

he/she sticks her/his butt out.


thus, you get the “butt shaped belly”. it’s cute, huh!

(can you see it?? picture the head facing my spine down where the words are “21 ish weeks”. the baby’s back runs up my belly and then there’s the butt sticking out… i’ll try to catch a picture in the next day or two when the baby is flipped and facing out – you’ll really be able to see it then!)


Posted: 02/09/2010 in cocoon and matching hats

today my etsy shop is featured in the showcase section of etsy in the knitting category.


what fun!

my featured item for TODAY is this killer hoodie!

free shipping today only on this hoodie!!

a must swaddler and photoprop.

this was knitted with practicality in mind for all those swaddling mommas!

i just finished my first listing on etsy.


as of writing this post, i only have one listing…

it seems to take me forever to get everything gathered and listed…

hoping i get much much faster!

in the mean time,

after an hour of doing this,

i’m off to do something else! 😀

mia. the cause: varnish

Posted: 02/07/2010 in house

so i went and hid away at my mom and dad’s for the week while my dad and eric varnished the hardwood floors.



i’m in love.

absolutely in love!

thank you to all our volunteers hardwood floor layers, finishers, fabulon (finish) and  lumber liquidators!