back again

Posted: 03/02/2010 in family, house

we are back home from escaping while the guys varnished one last time upstairs in the main rooms.

it’s good to be home.

(oh and the floor looks awesome! 🙂 )

we had a blast! 🙂

we stayed with aunt colors again this time.

and lizzie had a blast!

she got to spend a lot of time with grandma pam and auntie amanda and henry and anya too!

plus i ran back home for a women’s conference at church and went to coralville (over an hour from osky, over 2 hours from home) to a yarn store.

it was a busy weekend!

i feel like this week is going to be nuts

but i do realize that i think the next two weeks are going to be even nuts-er!!

this week, i am sorting through everything.

storage that stays down here.

and items that move up.

besides doing everything humanly possible to help get us closed by april 1st for bank purposes and taxes.


4 weeks feels very overwhelming!!!

but it’s very nice to see everything individually selected, come together and look like what i was hoping for!

my new favorite thing. dining room light

i knew the end would be hard.

i knew building  a house ourselves was going to be hard.

but hard changes meaning and there are new unknown levels of hard.

i feel we are at a new level again.

so i’ll try to refocus.

to be encouraged.

to focus on the eternally significant and important things.

to not just get through this but live in it and learn from it.

and do everything i do with excellence.

what else is there to do?


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