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in all this craziness… you think i would go without knitting?? of course not!!!

here’s an order i’ve been working on, a set of 3 cocoons with hats. only two are done so far.

cream muffin top made of 100% cotton

stone and orchid yarns made of 100% organic cotton.


where do i begin???

yesterday started out as a fairly normal, fairly relaxing day.

i had much on my to – do – list… holes to putty in the crossheads and aprons (window/door trim), puttied holes to sand, rooms to vacuum, 3 loads of laundry to do… you get the idea.

mid morning. the water starts coming into the basement. it wasn’t raining. the sun was shining and the ground was thawing into my basement. not good.

the gravity of the situation slowly set in through out the afternoon. we realized we were moving upstairs. we had to. there was no other options. we had moved as much out of the way as was physically possible and it still wasn’t far enough. there was no way for both of us to sleep at night if we didn’t move stuff upstairs. because so much comes in, we can’t leave it without vacuuming it up. it’s just too much.

so we moved the living room upstairs, the bedroom (even though it was unnecessary for the water problem, eric threw me a bone. :)), and the computer area. this freed up the area enough to allow us to vacuum the water without the water getting to our furniture and such. the water tends to get ahead of us…

we thought we had everything in order. went to bed. all night, i hardly slept all night, i could hear it trickling in downstairs right below our bed.

i got up with eric and we went downstairs. 100 gallons of water was in our basement. it all ran a new direction. it went straight to where we moved everything. seriously?! AAAH! we moved some more stuff this morning. we have rigged up a system that is handling the water intake fairly well without human assistance as long as it’s not down pouring…

the reason we are having this trouble: no gutters, no window well covers, an air pocket in our concrete wall where concrete didn’t settle which leaves a hole, a perfect place for water to enter. all fixable… but time is required. which we don’t have in excess. so we will be fixing this asap. it just got bumped to the top of the april 2nd list of to-do’s. (we close april 1st).

moving up was bittersweet. i wanted to. was eager to. but the kitchen is still downstairs. this makes it soooo hard. lizzie and i eat, all. day. long.! stairs, well they aren’t so hot. lizzie can’t go down them on her own (they are still construction steps with just two pieces of 2×4 making up the tread) and my hips SCREAM out every trip down and up. why did we have to have a basement again???? soon it will be nice and dry and i will be 100% thankful. 🙂 the kitchen will be up here in two weeks. just two weeks. it’s only two weeks.

here’s some photos capturing our adventure from 4:30pm yesterday to this morning. so thankful i had spent the previous few days cleaning and sorting things up here. it made moving upstairs with an hours notice possible.