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the last of the tools

Posted: 03/17/2010 in house

remember this photo in my previous post?

after lizzie’s long nap!

almost there

there! my table looks small. i think i should put the leaf back in it and bring up all 8 chairs. LOL


all 8

7 days

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i really didn’t think this would ever come.

the appraiser will be here sometime very near the 24th.

we have to be finished completely, in their eyes…

but there is much that will not be finished and we will be finishing after this cut-off date.

the pro is no one will be breathing down our necks, so eric can work at his own pace.

which will probably be pretty slow for a couple months. LOL

i don’t blame him.

so 7 more days to get a handful of projects done, like kitchen install and finish the porch.

sounds like they will be finishing the floor tomorrow night (the tarp will come down with it! can. not. wait to see out this gorgeous window! LOL) and then it’s just getting the railing painted and installed.

i think the only other thing that has to be done before the appraiser comes is the outdoor trim! which i am really excited to see. i think it will look really nice too. but of course, i would think that. LOL oh and the doorbell cover thing by the front door, the porch light, the front door painted… i think that’s it. no big deal. 😉 riiiiiiiiiiight.

thankfully they are not forcing us to build the front porch steps prior to closing. there is just no way. it’s a mud pit out there and we have no idea where our finished ground level will be in order to determine how many steps we need… so we’ll be putting up some temporary steps but i don’t mind – it doesn’t keep me from sitting on it and enjoying a yummy breve! 😀

we will have a lot of dirtwork and landscaping to do. steps to build. gutters to hang. driveway to re-do. grass to plant. trees to plant. porch lattice. i’m sure the list is even longer, but i’ll stop. cuz this is boring! 🙂

monday we headed to osky so lizzie could play with her cousins! while mommy ran up to pella/monroe to meet a good friend! it was sure fun to go to lunch, shopping together, and see her brand. new. house!! lizzie had a blast and took a 3 hour nap yesterday and slept clear through the night. (normally she comes pitter-pattering into our room around 2am).

today we are headed to the bank to do more loan application paperwork and moving all the tools from the dining room to the garage. which is REALLY EXCITING! and hanging curtains and blinds!!! this is exciting but makes me nervous!!!!!!!! i don’t want to drill holes in these gorgeous walls and trim!!!!!!! oh well, nothing putty and a little more pro-classic “snowbound” paint wouldn’t be able to fix.

tomorrow we are headed back to osky to play with all lizzie’s cousins while the adults visit with some family coming from c.b. fun times. fun times.

at first it felt like too busy of a week. but now i’m finding the busyness to be a blessing. 🙂 this is a really exciting stage but also pure torture to be so close to being done, yet not done… (mainly just the kitchen cabinets being soooo close to being mine, but just out of reach. LOL)