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the little things

Posted: 03/26/2010 in house, hubby

i’m sure i will forget.

but i hope i don’t take advantage.

of eric and how his presence in our family completely blesses lizzie and i.

eric went grocery shopping with us last night for the first time in a year.

i’m not exaggerating.

we giggled (well lizzie giggled) and laughed and had a blast.

lizzie showed off in the car on the way to kville.

we usually use that time to practice our numbers, abc’s and days of the week.

she is counting to 20 (with a little help around 13,14,15).

and her days of the week down (with a little help around thursday and friday). sunday is her FAVORITE!

thanks to signing time she also knows the signs for the days of the week and her abc’s.

she recognizes all of the manual alphabet but can not sign them all. that is hard to practice in the car while mommy is driving. 🙂 so we are farther behind on those.

daddy was impressed, i think.

we had to drag him out of home depot by his belt loop too.

we should have just left him there while we went to hyvee and walmart.

poor guy hasn’t been out in the real world to just mindlessly be for, ooooh, about a year.

thinking he is gonna need some re-culturing.

i’m SO excited! the cabinet/countertop maker, my brother in law ben will be here sometime today to finish the last oiling on the countertop.

then it’s just a matter of waiting until tomorrow night to set anything on it.

so today and tomorrow during the day, while i’m waiting,

i’ll be moving our kitchen up! EEK! appliances will go in tonight.

(i think this will be really hard on me. they are our old free and cheap appliances from when we got married… but this is here as a reminder to me, to be humble, thankful in everything, and it’s all a journey and we never arrive. and new appliances in a new house mean NOTHING and are just appliances doing their job. it’s just that they don’t match and are really going to look REALLY bad against my awesome kitchen. LOL but oh well!)

i think eric said he’ll work on hooking up the water up here tomorrow.

i think we’ll have camp-out type meals for tonight and tomorrow.

oh what fun!

i can. not. wait!

my baby is so much happier when i’m not going up and down those stairs 50 x’s a day for food and such.

i think my bladder will appreciate not being squished or dropped down on while going down the stairs any longer too.

oh the little things. 😀

have a great weekend everyone!!!

(hey! when did ya’ll turn into silent stockers anyway?? i see the stats and the traffic feed. i know you are all still coming, but cat got your tongue?? 😉 i so love all you guys’ comments!!!!!!!)