so close, oh so very very close

Posted: 03/30/2010 in house, lizzie faith

we are so close to being on our own.

“home owners” i think we’ll be called. yet i still feel like the bank owns us. we don’t own much of this house. we do own some – maybe  tenth, but not much at all. yet some how we are still called “home owners”. hmm. weird.


the appraisal came in. shwoo! such a relief for them to get it back so quickly. but for what they charge… i’ll just stop there. let’s just say, it’s not expecting too much. here’s the appraisers photos. it felt weird to me. since i didn’t take them. it feels like it’s someone else’s house.

we close at the bank saturday morning or monday afternoon. thankful. i am anxious for the month of april and all of it’s bills and unknowns to be over and done with. this will be a huge sigh of relief.

i’m so thankful spring is here!

the windows are open.

the sun is shining.

lizzie is outside scooping rocks, scooping rocks and blowin bubbles. we need to bring her swingset out of storage so she can swing her lil heart out.

oh how refreshing spring is!

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