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what happened to the “sock” she had this morning… (see previous posts)

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except that she BEGGED to vacuum it up. LOL

chilly excitment

Posted: 04/29/2010 in life

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pantry socks

Posted: 04/29/2010 in lizzie faith, pictures

“i need socks”

me: “you need what?!”


me: “huh?”

“i look-n socks” (i’m looking for socks)

me: “OOOOOOOOOH snacks”


me: “pick and be done and get out here!”

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(notice the dress up dress and tap shoes and it’s not even 8am!!!!)

this lil lady got a few treasures from mema penny yesterday. this hat being one of them.

now will you please convince her the ribbons go in the back and that she is a cowGIRL not a cowboy? i give up!

oh and she’s sportin the necklace she made last night. she started out with a bracelet then wanted to switch to a necklace and her momma was too lazy to restring what we had already done. LOL notice the two black knots. LOL

“fall in toilet”

Posted: 04/23/2010 in lizzie faith, videos

someone had a little mishap here yesterday.

her poor mother was so mean she couldn’t stop laughing.

while lizzie kept saying “not fun!” to me. each time a bit more stern than the last.

but it WAS funny!!!!!! i went and hid in the back bedroom while she was in the bath to call her daddy and tell him all about it! he could hardly understand me i was laughing so hard!

we have those toilet seats that first has the adult seat and the child seat is hidden in the lid…. LOVE EM! super handy. with lizzie, no leaky pee underneath the children’s seat.

she NEVER goes potty in eric and i’s bathroom… but yesterday i was working in our master bedroom closet, she came in saying she needed to go. so the first logical choice would be to use our bathroom right there.

no big deal. she went. i went back to work. she went back to playing.

a while later. i hear blood curdling screaming coming from the bathroom.

she had fallen into the toilet after getting up there herself to go potty.

her blue bathroom/main bathroom we keep the child seat down all the time. but since she never uses our bathroom, i put the seat back to the adult seat when she was finished the time i helped her.

miss independent decided she didn’t need me the second time. i think it’s pretty needless to say she has asked for my help every time today – i think just to be on the safe side. she’s a quick learner. i used her blue bathroom while daddy was using the other one last night, and she forgot to check to make sure her seat was down (i forgot to put her seat back down when i was done) and plopped down, caught herself and yelled for me. good girl!!!! πŸ˜€ (the magnet holds her seat to the lid really well, so she can’t pull it down herself yet… she keeps trying tho!)

we had a toilet seat lesson after she had a bath. she was SO wet. she was SO mad she was SO wet. LOL even her hair was wet. there was water everywhere. and yes she has a good bruise to prove her tumble was a hard one. i still can’t figure out how she got herself out of the toilet. LOL

here she is recovered from the traumatizing experience… i think she handled it very well. πŸ™‚

31 weeks

Posted: 04/22/2010 in baby bean #2, pictures

31 weeks already only!!!

i’m torn.

but what’s new. every women in her third tri says this, right. πŸ˜‰ at least i know i’m not alone and will more than likely experience this again, so just buck up and deal, right? right!

30 weeks

what’s new this pregnancy? not much! a couple things i’m doing differently is going to the chiropractor. i know doctor’s appointments. not. my. thing. but this guy gets you in and out in 15 minutes. LOL how awesome is that!!!! i’m very thankful. my pelvic bone is damaged from a snowmobiling accident back when i was 16. DER! never take jumps too fast. or jumps at all. i’m a girl. if we only thought about what these injuries would mean in 10 years… maybe we wouldn’t do dumb things. LOL so my right pelvic/hip is “froze”. so we’re focusing on that and going every week (usually you just go every 2 weeks at the end of pregnancy) to try and quickly get that taken care of before labor. thinking my labor would have never been 5 hours long with lizzie if she wouldn’t have had to battle a half working pelvic bone. i’m anxious, oh so anxious to see the difference between the two labors!

another major difference this pregnancy is this 5w supplement from nature sunshine that i will be taking the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy (hopefully! i will start taking it at 35 weeks anyway in hopes of not going 2 weeks over). i’m thinking this will be huge too. loving learning new things and optimizing!

the other problem i had with lizzie is she was a stubborn posterior babe. anterior position is what we want! where the back of the baby goes along my belly and i feel movement inside along my back. but my baby’s are posterior. where their back is along my back and their feet and hands are along the outside of my belly. horribly painful and uncomfortable. there’s so many tricks to fixing this problem in late pregnancy and even labor. i’m so anxious to try them! i’m going for attempting to get my baby to flip anterior and keep her/him there. my research has shown that the baby will literally wait in the womb until optimal positioning is achieved. well, i don’t feel like waiting as long this time. LOL so i’m going to be doing EVERYTHING i can! πŸ™‚

here’s a few sites i feel are sooo helpful!

tonight we are trying this for the first time:
diaphragmatic release technique

optimal fetal positioning (was my MOST favorite, so far!)

spinning babies

spinning babies: posterior symptoms in pregnancy

to help baby into position for the easiest birth… BEFORE LABOR

something i found SO interesting from this above site:

this is all i did in labor with lizzie. excluding squatting ONCE for about 30-60 seconds to get lizzie to move up and back down because she was “stuck” on something, and when she came out her arm was above her head, so her elbow was “stuck”. here’s the crazy part. i don’t think i knew to be in this position for helping a posterior baby in labor. i really think i just did it because it felt best and i knew all four’s was best…

i’m so anxious to try the diaphragmatic release tonight! i think the biggest challenge will be maintaining anterior positioning. driving the car is the only sitting position i can’t really control. and we don’t drive any where *rolling eyes* so i imagine we will have to do this release at least a couple times. but i can hope for only once, right.! πŸ˜‰

i’ll keep you posted!!! have any of you struggled with this during your pregnancy? what was your out come? often times this results in long back laboring that results in a c-section. sometimes even an early epidural will cause the baby to not be able to engage at all which would results in a c-section too! totally want to pick your brains and hear what you have to say!!!

a steal of a deal

Posted: 04/20/2010 in life

head on over to

here’s what i decided on for lizzie,

the brown polka dot messenger bag. i got it for $5.95, the cost of shipping! how fun! πŸ™‚

shop around. select what you’d like to buy. start going through the purchasing process and when you get to the promos code section type in SLUMBER. and VOILA! you get $20! TWENTY bucks OFF your order. unreal of a deal!

happy shopping!

daddy’s girl

Posted: 04/16/2010 in hubby, lizzie faith, pictures

this lil lady saw these chairs out the window right after she asked where daddy was this morning, to which i explained it’s friday and a work day but daddy will be here all day saturday to play (since i’m going to the women’s conference).Β 

then she got all bundled up and headed outside where it was very chilly to enjoy the work her daddy put into making and painting these chairs. she sat here for a half hour or so. LOL

notice i’m inside! where it’s warm and my toes are not freezing off. i love daddy! but for serious!

quite the shot

Posted: 04/14/2010 in lizzie faith, me, pictures

i’ve finally decided lizzie needs to learn to take pictures. she’s old enough. makes sure the strap is around her wrist. and the desire is there.

here’s her first shot of her momma! πŸ™‚

at first i couldn’t see past the HUGE nostrils and such, but i think it’s a really fun shot and i’m really proud of her!