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potty time!

Posted: 04/10/2010 in lizzie faith, pictures

i’ve been putting this off like nothing else.

peeps, it’s time for potty training! i really REALLY don’t want two kiddos in diapers! and would find a break from diaper changing for even just a month, WONDERFUL! 🙂

does this photo even need a caption?? LOL

today is day 3 of potty training. this picture was taken on day 2. on day one lizzie was holding her pee stubbornly while i continued to take her to the toilet every 10-15 minutes and she getting her new dora panties all wet and her dress. oh that just ticked her off like nothing else. i was on the computer and turned around and saw her watching tv like this. i guess she thought taking off her dora panties and holding her dress up would solve all of her problems. he he!

that was our only BIG accident so far. day 2 she had a little accident but stopped herself and went potty two times in the potty! (we went to the park, had a diaper on, and she pooped and peed in the diaper too – this girls pees like a third as much as me. unreal!) the first time it was by chance, by me putting her on the potty. the second time she said “mommy i need to poop!” and we rushed to the potty and she peed. superb! i was so thrilled! who cares if she’s calling it the wrong thing. she knows what that feeling means and what she needs to do when she feels it. SHWOO!!!  *\o/*

here’s hoping for a good potty training day today. i’m feeling much better after talking to a few people. a good attitude is really key. this is a huge stage in lizzie’s life. if this isn’t done with a good attitude by me, it starts a life of going-potty-anxiety. so many people have this!!!! even me, why i dunno, but i do and i know lots of peeps who do. i’m going to do my best to avoid this for my little one. i think a lot of different things in life might cause this anxiety and this just being one of them… i sure hope i can avoid it and keep a good encouraging attitude!