31 weeks

Posted: 04/22/2010 in baby bean #2, pictures

31 weeks already only!!!

i’m torn.

but what’s new. every women in her third tri says this, right. πŸ˜‰ at least i know i’m not alone and will more than likely experience this again, so just buck up and deal, right? right!

30 weeks

what’s new this pregnancy? not much! a couple things i’m doing differently is going to the chiropractor. i know doctor’s appointments. not. my. thing. but this guy gets you in and out in 15 minutes. LOL how awesome is that!!!! i’m very thankful. my pelvic bone is damaged from a snowmobiling accident back when i was 16. DER! never take jumps too fast. or jumps at all. i’m a girl. if we only thought about what these injuries would mean in 10 years… maybe we wouldn’t do dumb things. LOL so my right pelvic/hip is “froze”. so we’re focusing on that and going every week (usually you just go every 2 weeks at the end of pregnancy) to try and quickly get that taken care of before labor. thinking my labor would have never been 5 hours long with lizzie if she wouldn’t have had to battle a half working pelvic bone. i’m anxious, oh so anxious to see the difference between the two labors!

another major difference this pregnancy is this 5w supplement from nature sunshine that i will be taking the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy (hopefully! i will start taking it at 35 weeks anyway in hopes of not going 2 weeks over). i’m thinking this will be huge too. loving learning new things and optimizing!

the other problem i had with lizzie is she was a stubborn posterior babe. anterior position is what we want! where the back of the baby goes along my belly and i feel movement inside along my back. but my baby’s are posterior. where their back is along my back and their feet and hands are along the outside of my belly. horribly painful and uncomfortable. there’s so many tricks to fixing this problem in late pregnancy and even labor. i’m so anxious to try them! i’m going for attempting to get my baby to flip anterior and keep her/him there. my research has shown that the baby will literally wait in the womb until optimal positioning is achieved. well, i don’t feel like waiting as long this time. LOL so i’m going to be doing EVERYTHING i can! πŸ™‚

here’s a few sites i feel are sooo helpful!

tonight we are trying this for the first time:
diaphragmatic release technique

optimal fetal positioning (was my MOST favorite, so far!)

spinning babies

spinning babies: posterior symptoms in pregnancy

to help baby into position for the easiest birth… BEFORE LABOR

something i found SO interesting from this above site:

this is all i did in labor with lizzie. excluding squatting ONCE for about 30-60 seconds to get lizzie to move up and back down because she was “stuck” on something, and when she came out her arm was above her head, so her elbow was “stuck”. here’s the crazy part. i don’t think i knew to be in this position for helping a posterior baby in labor. i really think i just did it because it felt best and i knew all four’s was best…

i’m so anxious to try the diaphragmatic release tonight! i think the biggest challenge will be maintaining anterior positioning. driving the car is the only sitting position i can’t really control. and we don’t drive any where *rolling eyes* so i imagine we will have to do this release at least a couple times. but i can hope for only once, right.! πŸ˜‰

i’ll keep you posted!!! have any of you struggled with this during your pregnancy? what was your out come? often times this results in long back laboring that results in a c-section. sometimes even an early epidural will cause the baby to not be able to engage at all which would results in a c-section too! totally want to pick your brains and hear what you have to say!!!

  1. jenni says:

    Good Luck getting him (yes i still think boy) to flip! I really hope that you can! That is part of the reason I had a csection with Barrett…That and the fact that I was mesuring 43wks at 38wks….After the csection the Dr.Richmond and Dr.Breon told me that there would have been no way that he would have come out on his own because my pelvic region was not ment to push out babies (it is too small) even for a 6lb baby:(…I was very sad that I didn’t get to go through labor the old fashioned way like I had planned but very happy with the end result of a very healthy (9lb 12oz) baby boy!

    I will be saying lots of prayers for you, Eric, Lizzie and the little bean! The last weeks seem to get slower and slower!

  2. Traci says:

    Jaz was posterior during labor it was awwwful. I took 3 days with contractions always 10-20 minutes apart the whole 3 days to get her moving down. Then of course when I walked UP the stairs heading out the door to the birth center(cntx 1min apart and over an hour and a half), she then flipped and I had her a short 5 hours later. I don’t think the 5 hour labor you had is long at all but the weeks and last days building up to it was hard right? Because you were still going into LOTS harder early labor? I’m trying to remember that’s why I’m asking πŸ™‚
    I know if I would’ve had them induce me for any reason, I would’ve had a csection. She just was not in ready position. Thankfully even after 6 trips in there in the 3 days they still did not cave into induction and told me not to come in until I was a minute or less apart. I was mad at the time but so happy now.
    Although, I’m VERY certain I will take another posterior baby ANYDAY over another baby with her hand on her face and elbow sticking out to the side. OUCH!
    I’ll pray for your little one to flip!!! I can’t wait to meet him/her. I still have no guess because I was wrong with Heather, Chelsea, and mine. hehehe

  3. breanna says:

    traci, yes… leading up was awful!!! pre-labor for weeks it seemed like. in reality i think it was maybe 2 weeks of timing contractions everyday…. growing stronger then stopping. such an emotional rollercoaster i would wish on no one!!!! i think the 5 hours was hard and i sure hope this baby doesn’t try to top it. LOL i think she flipped sometime in labor. can’t pin-point when. but since she was posterior AND her arm was up over head, i’m thinking, surely this labor will be a piece of cake, then right??? :/ i probably shouldn’t get my hopes up!! 😦 ok, guess the opposite of your gut and you got it. LOL what’s your gut say?

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