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or make it much much worse…

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… maybe i’ll go see if vacuuming vigorously does any good. 😉


Posted: 05/16/2010 in baby bean #2, me

i know i am nearer to the end than i was yesterday or the day before…

i am so thankful for that.

i’m doing my best at waiting well

yet, i don’t believe begging God to not make us wait much longer is not waiting well.


or am i just doing what i do best, justifying???

please, LORD, not much longer. please!!!! this i pray knowing full well, You are in complete control and i’m just a peabrain who can only see 2 inches in front of herself. i’m thankful i can’t see the full picture, i know i can’t handle it. i know that You’ve created this process perfectly and Your works are wonderful and i pick Your way not mine.

ok now that’s all said. here’s a perspective.

according to our dates and calculations. i’m approx. 35 weeks pregnant. i’m currently not convinced. thinking (and praying) i’m farther along.

last time with lizzie (please ignore it’s horrible picture quality and how pathetic i look)

(42 weeks pregnant, lizzie 7lbs 14oz)