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Posted: 05/23/2010 in baby bean #2, me, pictures

enjoying this week

life will soon change forever.

lizzie senses it.

we know it.


car rides/trips will soon become a very very big deal instead of quick jots here and there.

sleepless nights will be because of a living being in my arms, thriving from nutrients from me.

not just aches and pains from squirms and wiggles.


i am so thankful for all who loved on me. the blessingway today was just that, a blessing.

thank you for each of your uplifting and encouraging spirits. the laughs and fellowship was so fun!

why don’t we do that more often?

this week, enjoyed having babies in the house – caused me to see why it is still handier for this peanut to chill inside just a bit longer… and why i so desperately want this BIG peanut ‘earth side’. (please, oh please, babe! not much longer…)

no matter, i’ve surrendered to God, to my body, to nature.

it’s not my time we are living off of.

it’s borrowed.

managed by One much wiser than i.

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