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Posted: 05/27/2010 in baby bean #2, me

well peeps

we’re pushing 37 weeks.

yes only 37 weeks. (and WOOHOO! THIRTY SEVEN WEEKS!!!!!!)

how do i feel this way when the numbers say 37 weeks?

they should say 40. (but i’m so SO thankful they don’t say 30)


sometimes, when walking by the mirror,

i glance over and say,

“oh shucks!

yep, it’s not right.

it will be a bit longer.”

(cuz my belly changes shape and looks funny at the very very end)

and then there are those times (like yesterday)

where there is no other way to walk but waddle because i feel like there is a ball between my thighs and i must master walking and holding the ball there. AND my belly is funny shaped.



yes the baby has dropped.

and “popped” back up.

and dropped.

and well you get the point.

how about i close this post with saying.

i’m losing sight of reality here.