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flip up flash cards

Posted: 06/13/2010 in lizzie faith

so i’m sitting with all my pillows propped up around me

my drink

my snack

i’m knitting

and half watching tv on a sunday afternoon

this infomercial comes on

my baby can read

have you seen it??

it’s pretty cool!

and their infomercial is very convincing.

i see that it doesn’t really teach them phoenics

it teaches word recognition/memorization

i’m thinking, super!

whatever works!

i have every intention of teaching lizzie phoenics

i can not sound out a word to save my soul

and eric is super at it

i see the benefits of it!

so i get up from my propped up spot on the couch and head to the computer to check this out and order it. (all the while i’m talking this all through eric, getting his input, seeing what he thinks)

i’m thinking, oh sure i could make them. but not as good or as exciting or as nice or as sturdy…

you get it.

so i go to the website, it was about $100 over what i thought it would be…


that stinks.

my awesome hubby totes up my horribly heavy stash of cardstock and i get to work!

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i am in LOVE!

and lizzie has read through them with me 2 times since they have been finished (the first set of 20 anyway… lots more to go!) and is eating supper begging to read through them again. 🙂


she did help me make them and went through each one asking what the words said before i had them glued together with the picture.

so excited to see the benefits of this

i’m thinking all this time nursing will be spent chilling with the baby, yes! but also learning to read! 🙂