he’s here!

Posted: 06/25/2010 in baby bean #2

jace legend arrived june 24 at 5:09am after laboring since 2:30am

he is 7 lb 15 oz and 21 in long

thinking brown hair…. 🙂

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he was in me… i just can’t get over it!

  1. Jean Beeler says:

    You may be tiny, but you deliver fast with darling babes!

  2. simplyaltered says:

    he is SUCH a beautiful baby !!!!! I can not imagine how proud you must be. Now, just simply ENJOY!!! 🙂 congrats!!

  3. Shonya says:

    Oh, he is so cute!! And that is one fast delivery! Can’t wait to hear the story. I can’t help but grin wondering if a cell phone was used for light again! giggle I hear what you are saying–he looks so big to have been in you so recently! God is amazing, isn’t He?!

  4. God's Gentle Nurturer says:

    Aww Brea! God is so good! Look at your SON!!! EEK!

  5. Congratulations! He’s adorable!

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