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flip up flash cards

Posted: 06/13/2010 in lizzie faith

so i’m sitting with all my pillows propped up around me

my drink

my snack

i’m knitting

and half watching tv on a sunday afternoon

this infomercial comes on

my baby can read

have you seen it??

it’s pretty cool!

and their infomercial is very convincing.

i see that it doesn’t really teach them phoenics

it teaches word recognition/memorization

i’m thinking, super!

whatever works!

i have every intention of teaching lizzie phoenics

i can not sound out a word to save my soul

and eric is super at it

i see the benefits of it!

so i get up from my propped up spot on the couch and head to the computer to check this out and order it. (all the while i’m talking this all through eric, getting his input, seeing what he thinks)

i’m thinking, oh sure i could make them. but not as good or as exciting or as nice or as sturdy…

you get it.

so i go to the website, it was about $100 over what i thought it would be…


that stinks.

my awesome hubby totes up my horribly heavy stash of cardstock and i get to work!

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i am in LOVE!

and lizzie has read through them with me 2 times since they have been finished (the first set of 20 anyway… lots more to go!) and is eating supper begging to read through them again. 🙂


she did help me make them and went through each one asking what the words said before i had them glued together with the picture.

so excited to see the benefits of this

i’m thinking all this time nursing will be spent chilling with the baby, yes! but also learning to read! 🙂


be real

Posted: 06/11/2010 in baby bean #2, me

i’m thinking it’s time to be a bit real.

the end.

it stinks.

it’s hard.

i thought the second time would be easier.

gearing up for labor is… well, labor.

maybe i shouldn’t have marked my calendar.

i did.

may 14 was when my body started working hard towards labor.

i truly did not believe, on that day, that i would be pregnant today.

i was certain my baby would be in my arms within hours.

i am very jealous of those ladies who just go into labor.

they do not have unpredictable, sporadic, hard contractions for weeks.

and just seem to suddenly go into labor.

they are rare… but i can still be jealous of them, right?

yea, probably not wise.

i recognize that each contraction is progress.

it’s just not the progress at the speed i’m after.

i’m the, let’s get-er-done type and well that’s not at all what happens at the end of my pregnancies.

i have no control.

that’s the problem.

that’s what it all boils down to.

i choose this.

i choose no intervention, no matter what.

i choose to trust my body and nature and know that this design is way beyond me and my peabrain and all of this is necessary for a reason i will never know.

and that intervention can cause a ripple effect of problems that i choose to avoid.

i have to find peace in that…

…knowing this is what is best.

peace i will find…



i believe the end is hard, because labor is harder.

and well, i am a big baby. so i need prepared for the harder things.

i need the hard thing so i actually get to a point where i look forward to the sweet release of the labor and birth.

there is something in me that is desperately craving labor and birth.

something that i can not get out of my head at any moment i am awake.

and when i am sleeping, i’m having dreams of contractions/water breaking/ and crowning.

it’s all consuming.

and out of my control.

if it could be willed to happened, it would have been already.

who doesn’t want to just finally experience something they have been desperate to happen for so long?

it’s time to be done.

it’s time to know.

it’s time to move on to new challenges and dynamics.

it’s time.

so remind me why “it’s time” does not mean NOW?

taken at 38 weeks 6/6/10

we went shopping

Posted: 06/10/2010 in baby bean #2, pictures

overboard you say?

normally i get a few things myself… and then after the baby comes, mom and my sister’s go shopping at target and herbergers on their way here and bring some cute gender specific stuff and eric gets right into the laundry.

BUT the sale was NOW at herbergers.

and it was a GOOD sale!

and i wanted to pick things out myself too!!!!

so my thinking was, we’ll just take back whichever gender we don’t need.

i think my eric was right, i’m going to have a hard time parting with whatever we don’t need… i will want to save it for the next time! so lovin’ all of it!

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the new stuff mixed with the stuff i’ve already gathered, hammy downs or bought this pregnancy.

i think this kiddo will be dressed well.

doesn’t have a name – but will be dressed well. *rollin eyes*

i’m still working on this blanket.

3.5 inches past half way point.


that means i have only 11 inches left to go.


that’s a week’s worth of knitting every single opportunity i get.

good grief.

this is definitely an heirloom.

and will likely never do a blanket like it again. LOL

here’s the set.

my sister, heather knitted the hat and cocoon. how adorable, huh! 🙂

i’m not spoiled. i’m well-loved!

shwoo! she can be a tough one to understand.

i usually got her.

and tell everyone else what she is saying…

but this time, i was soooo lost.

and it sounded soooo cute.

i had the giggles.

she wanted to go back to aunt color’s house (just were there yesterday) and show her how she can roll her tongue.


i wish we could just jot on over there and show her, my dear.

this is the next best thing.

(don’t you just love the blank stare she gives me when i guess wrong. LOL)

back burner: blogging

Posted: 06/01/2010 in baby bean #2, knitting, me

front burner: KNITTING! 🙂

check it!!

this is a 29x29inch baby blanket. PERFECT for swaddling! can't wait to use it!

the most beautiful thing i’ve ever knitted!!!

i’m desperately trying to get it finished before lil dude/dudette arrives…

i only have 6 more skeins to go. (it’s dk weight, which is TINY! so it’s a tedious knit. it makes me cherish it even more!)

so toodaloo! you will find me knitting and tidying (cuz i can.not. handle a messy house right now! and i’m obsessing about laundry… i’m obsessing about having certain comfy clothes clean for me right after birth, weird, i know. *rollin eyes*)

happy knitting! 🙂

knitters, feel free to follow my project on ravelry: