cocoon junky

Posted: 07/04/2010 in cocoon and matching hats, jace legend, knitting

my lil man is in love with his cocoons…

his mama LOVES this! 🙂

more cocoons being knitted as we speak… three is simply not enough.

he weighs in at 9lbs. what big boy! he isn’t rolly-polly with fat rolls so it’s crazy hard to believe he weighs that much… and then my arms and back remind me. i will stop and think, “man why does my back still hurt like i’m pregnant!?!?” OH! right! he’s HUGE! lol what a blessing having milk is… so many things are different this time around than with lizzie… learned from a lot of mistakes i made… and hoping to continue to reap the benefits of doing the hard things.

  1. Pam Sparks says:

    how comfy is that! lol what a cutie! Won’t be long and he’ll be breaking out of that cocoon mom!!! boohoo! lol

  2. Breanna…I had trouble with my milk supply for Savannah 2yrs ago. Can you share what you did differently this time around??

  3. So sweet! I love the stripeys. I just finished up a few cocoons for a friend of mine who is expecting in August. I can’t wait to see them filled with baby.

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