play station

Posted: 07/14/2010 in homeschooling, jace legend, lizzie faith, me

eric had a great idea…

i mentioned it in this post.

today was day one implementing the play station instead of her living off of shows on the computer…

she’s a bit off… schedule change is what i’m thinking is the cause. when you’ve become accustomed to being babysat by the tv and being braindead, it is tough to “wake up” and think and interact throughout the entire day….

regardless, i think it was a success.

  1. Pam Sparks says:

    love this! awesome!

  2. bonnie killmon says:

    This is what i do with the girls. We have workbaskets and they must take them to the table. When finished they go back to the basket holder and everything is picked up. They can pick another one to do next.This has worked well for us and they are not fighting over the same thing, Love this idea.

  3. heather says:

    love it!

  4. T.Biggers says:

    Y’all have a Word Whammer!?? We do too. Savannah loves it. Great idea with the station. How do you keep her from ruining the organization?

  5. aj says:

    that is a great idea!!!

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