jace’s newborn pictures and stats

Posted: 07/25/2010 in jace legend

my sister took some pictures of jace, lizzie, eric and i yesterday…

so in love with them!

i’ll add more to this post as we edit them…

jace has been growing like crazy and i will admit i’ve put on a few lbs too. guess i’m eating enough… 😉 i don’t mind a bit!! with the struggle i had with lizzie i’ll gain 50lbs to have enough milk. i’m so thrilled and encouraged and praying we can keep it up… our wallet is suffering from our grocery bill though. yikes! again, worth it!!!

jace’s stats 7.25.10 4 weeks old and 3 days

10.8lbs (41 oz gained since birth)

23 inches long

average weight gain for nb on HIGH end 7 oz a week = 28 lbs

jace has grown 2 inches since birth

average length grown = 1 inch a month

although what is “average” after all. 😉

he is changing so much everyday! he can see lucy!!!!! LOL and he found the ceiling fans at church this morning and he makes some serious eye contact with ya. *sigh* where is time going?!?!

  1. aj says:

    Awesome pics!! Heather did a great job as always!!! 🙂

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