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garage sale: mo side

Posted: 08/25/2010 in life


sorting, pricing, repricing, more sorting…

lots of baby/toddler clothes. both genders! good stuff. name brand. gently used. priced mostly 25 cents.

homeschool books

and francine rivers, lori wick, beverly lewis and more

lots of kids vhs. kipper, barney, veggietales, disney, wiggles and some adult too, men in black was one i noticed.

lots of household items, decor and binders, cd cases

oh and one of those amish heart handle wood shelves.

stuffed animals and some toys, wood blocks, cell phone….

i didn’t mention!!! my snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies are for sale too! 🙂


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at 2 months

he’s 12lbs and 26 inches long

i’m in shock

i will continue to live in denial that he is in 3-6 month clothes

garage sale

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the garage sale was a hit! so much work… but definitely worth it and all the work is so much more enjoyable when you enjoy the people you are with! you guys are all great!

seriously! should i just say, that i had a personal goal of $1,000 and we beat it. 😀 also! there is TONS of stuff left over. sooooooo i just HAD to load it up and bring some of it home with me. LOTS was donated to a women’s shelter. but, i’m having a garage sale THIS friday and saturday HERE. yea, just call me crazy! i’m gonna beg help from some locals. feel free to offer. 😉

so with that all said. i’ll probably be mia this week, getting the garage sale set up and feeding the family. if you are local, please come out and see me! we have posters showing what supplies the money will be used for, as well as pictures of miss glory and mr. mihail! or what he answers to, “meeshy”. definitely not english, eh! 😉 thank you to all that donated and shopped! come out and see me if you weren’t able to go to the first one or even if you were!!

it’s time

Posted: 08/20/2010 in family

since i can’t love on my new niece and nephew just yet. here is what we are doing. we are using all the funds from this garage sale to purchase items that the children in bulgaria need (tooth brushes, learning supplies, etc). for the one’s left behind. because frankly, my sister would like to come home with 5 or more children instead of 2… since her heart is torn and her heart remains in bulgaria with these children… welp so does mine. it’s kinda of just an automatic. there is no way for me to ignore this. there my heart is also. will you help me? it’s easy. just come buy something. it’s a HUGE sale! we’re talking 10 families. 16 tables and still not enough?!?!? yes, i said HUGE. so today and tomorrow’s the day. just come on down and get a sugar high from the baked goods or pizza crust to make some homemade pizza for your family. there’s a lot of nice items too. school desks, children’s clothes, some small adult clothes, toys, a hop n’ bop (super saucer), a very nice baby swing… i don’t even know what’s all there yet… just drop on by and have a glass of lemonade. we’d love to see your face! 🙂

haven’t i done just awful at blogging since jace was born. (don’t answer that!)
goodness. i’m going to have to go through my facebook profile page and determine what jace was doing as an almost 2 month old (tomorrow is when i can pronounce him two months old. sniff sniff i will continue to live in denial that this is even possible).
oh i realize how pathetic this is. i do the best i can. LOL
na, i’ve been knitting every chance my arms are free and even when they aren’t. blogging. na, it’s really not that important. well maybe it is when it’s the sole way i document my children’s lives.

lizzie is being a typical toddler and just when we think we’ve got her all figured out and all the wrinkles out, WHAM! we get slammed! 🙂 she is a joy and a doll. we love her more each day, which just seems absolutely impossible. her language is unreal these days. just hilarious! yesterday she started saying “or somethin'” at the end of everything. “that looks like blue, or somethin’.” giggle! HILARIOUS! goodness my heart just swells. check out this picture. stunning, yea?

i mentioned she is going to be three in a matter of weeks, right? let’s be honest, the crying has already begun. i can not believe my baby is three. sigh. where did the time go??? this is how i remember my girl.

she is VERY excited for her strawberry shortcake birthday party princess birthday party. or wait. i’m not for certain.i haven’t checked in the last five minutes to see what it is right.this.very.moment. i’m terrified she will be devastated, so it may be a strawberry shortcake/princess party. i’m creative. i can handle this. oh the pressure!!!!

ok, now on to my little man. sigh. dude, you  had me at WAAAAAA! (you know, “you had me at hello”. ok. bad joke. moving on). you have decided that peeing while getting your diaper changed is HILARIOUS! and do this ON PURPOSE! to get a rise out of me. oh dear. mommy’s on to you and not reacting anymore to this and is hoping this goes away VERY SOON! (yes, i am secretly giggling about this! but come on, pee everyone is not fun either!) you are such a good sleeper and such a good baby. i just don’t know what to think. i guess i’ll have another. 😉 thank you for giving me a break, enough of a break to WANT to have more brummer peanuts.

here you are in our latest photo shoot!

as a family, we are growing. and with every growth spurt comes a lil pain… we’ll get through it. we’re just having to step up our game a lil. no worries. 🙂 but mommy and daddy are stressed and tired and ready for a BREAK. from what? we just haven’t figured it out yet. a mini vacation to a secluded cabin with no phones and internet may be in our near future. (NO! i’m not hyperventilating at the thought of no internet or no cell for a few days… ok i lied. yes i am about to freak out! but it might be fun.)

here’s some shots of all of us.

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my dude

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videos are appropriate forms of blogging right?

cuz this one handed typing thing is annoying!!!