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it’s time

Posted: 08/20/2010 in family

since i can’t love on my new niece and nephew just yet. here is what we are doing. we are using all the funds from this garage sale to purchase items that the children in bulgaria need (tooth brushes, learning supplies, etc). for the one’s left behind. because frankly, my sister would like to come home with 5 or more children instead of 2… since her heart is torn and her heart remains in bulgaria with these children… welp so does mine. it’s kinda of just an automatic. there is no way for me to ignore this. there my heart is also. will you help me? it’s easy. just come buy something. it’s a HUGE sale! we’re talking 10 families. 16 tables and still not enough?!?!? yes, i said HUGE. so today and tomorrow’s the day. just come on down and get a sugar high from the baked goods or pizza crust to make some homemade pizza for your family. there’s a lot of nice items too. school desks, children’s clothes, some small adult clothes, toys, a hop n’ bop (super saucer), a very nice baby swing… i don’t even know what’s all there yet… just drop on by and have a glass of lemonade. we’d love to see your face! 🙂