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part of this problem i have with time is jace not sleeping!

he was a dream sleeper for 9 1/2 weeks.


it hit me like a bomb.

i have no idea what happened.

right now he is sleeping.

on the couch.

this is the first time he has slept outside of my arms in over a week.

(except at night. he is a dream sleeper during the night still! shwoo!)

this was what lizzie was like as a baby.

“as a baby”, meaning the first year of her life.

she did not sleep outside of my arms.

she did not play outside of my arms.

she did not like daddy or anyone else.

she wanted to nurse CONSTANTLY.

i will not let myself panic about jace becoming as high needs as lizzie…

thankfully, i never have to go through being a first-time-mom ever again. 🙂

regardless what happens with jace…

if he continues to nap on his own or if i rock him for an hour and a half everyday while he gets his BIG nap…

i will not become high strung like i was with lizzie.

i will not put a clean house or a ‘fancy’ supper ahead of him sleeping.

most importantly, i will not lose sight of how precious he is and how quickly it is all over.

thus, i will continue to sacrifice and meet his needs in whatever way.

Lord, give me strength.

isaiah 41:10

so do not fear for i am with you; do not be dismayed, for i am your GOD. i will strengthen you and help you; i will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


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this sums up a VERY long post i could write regarding my feelings on abortion.

it’s short.

please take the time to watch.

born alive

i suppose i should blog…

…about something.

weird how you go through seasons where you desire to blog about everything you are passionate about.

then there are seasons like this one.

i have no desire to blog to … who?

i speak to everyone i desire to.

these people are in our lives.

they know everything new jace is doing…

they’ve seen lizzie twirl and dance.

they know that lizzie doesn’t call him “jace”

she calls him “babydace” and slurs it together cuz she has to top how fast she said it last time.

so why blog?

i say it’s for me.

so later i can go through jace’s category and fill in a baby book.

(i sure hope this happens some day!)

i’m feeling the strong desire to weigh everything i spend my time on against eternal purpose.

well, as of yet, this isn’t cutting it.

nothing wrong with a happy-go-lucky blog about my peanuts…

my time is just needing prioritized.

frankly, if it’s blogging or teaching lizzie psalm 100…

psalm 100 wins.

blogging will happen…

i miss it.

just not as fun to type one handed…

when i have two hands, i’m folding laundry, vacuuming, steam mopping, cooking… not blogging.

if i don’t do the above, i won’t have a happy family to blog about.

so today, i will not blog my deepest thoughts…

…how i would love to pour my heart out onto this screen.

just something about it really is therapeutic.

instead, i will stay on top of things today to visit grandparents,

for guests for supper and Bible study tonight.

happy labor day ya’ll.

no laboring in vain.