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Posted: 09/09/2010 in lizzie faith

today, tomorrow and saturday i will be doing just that.

preparing for liz’s THIRD birthday party for the brummer/beeler’s.

this is just nuts. (please excuse me if i say that too many times in this post!)

when did she turn three!

she was just born yesterday.

it’s nuts!

here we are so i must come to terms with it.

each day she is challenging me as a parent in good and bad ways.

somedays she makes an infant seem like a dream. LOL

regardless she never ceases to amaze me….

like her announcing how a crocodile cleans his teeth.

(do you know? it’s pretty awesome!)

she has such great tastes!

she picked out the coolest birthday plates!

i’m glad she picked what she did.

i didn’t want the 100% princess theme.

i wanted it to be her.



here’s a glimpse at what i did today… full banner in pictures saturday.

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have you guys noticed i added a new feature to the blog!

no time to comment.

leave a kudo instead!

you shall find these stars at the bottom of every post.

don’t hestitate… tell me what YOU think.