Posted: 09/09/2010 in lizzie faith

today, tomorrow and saturday i will be doing just that.

preparing for liz’s THIRD birthday party for the brummer/beeler’s.

this is just nuts. (please excuse me if i say that too many times in this post!)

when did she turn three!

she was just born yesterday.

it’s nuts!

here we are so i must come to terms with it.

each day she is challenging me as a parent in good and bad ways.

somedays she makes an infant seem like a dream. LOL

regardless she never ceases to amaze me….

like her announcing how a crocodile cleans his teeth.

(do you know? it’s pretty awesome!)

she has such great tastes!

she picked out the coolest birthday plates!

i’m glad she picked what she did.

i didn’t want the 100% princess theme.

i wanted it to be her.



here’s a glimpse at what i did today… full banner in pictures saturday.

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  1. Marni says:

    Aww! Happy early birthday Lizzie!!

  2. Jean Beeler says:

    You are so imaginative and full of energy! The crocodile teeth reminds me of the book (pretend it’s underlined) I Love You, Stinky Face where a little boy keeps asking his mama if she’d love him if…he was a crocodile, a smelly skunk, etc. He keeps saying “But Mama, but mama….” Such a fun book. Mama tells him she would brush all his crocodile teeth, etc.

  3. aj says:

    Fun!! I can’t wait to see!! I need to hire you to be my party planner!! HA HA!!!

  4. Pam Sparks says:

    awesome Breanna!

  5. Shonya says:

    Whoa, I’m behind!!! I’m not ready for three, either–amazing how time flies! And you are so creative. . .and exhausting. . .did you know Walmart sells Happy Birthday banners for like $2 and you can use them over and over for years and multiple kids??? giggle

  6. breanna says:

    oh yes, but i had all the supplies and it’s so much more fun to make! and now liz knows some of her lower case letters better from ‘helping’ me make the banner. 😀

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