Posted: 09/15/2010 in basement, homemaking, life

no time for blogging

cleaning the basement

oooooh my!

how did it get so bad!

i know i am extreme, but i’m telling you.

it’s AWFUL!

spiders, spider sacks, saw dust, dirt, wood chips, wires, the coating on wires, screws, nails, dust clusters, dead bugs/spiders

i’m telling you.

gobs  and gobs of grossness happenin’ down there


as soon as tomorrow.

the perfect play area will be set up.

our old retro kitchen table

an old purple imac

futon couch and coffee table

cupboard full of playdough, beans, paints, coloring books, colored pencils and crayons


oh yes, lots of room for bike riding!

play kitchen and laundry room….

i’ll be able to send lizzie down there instead of outside this winter!!

lovin’ THAT idea!

then i’ll have to clean the bathroom down there.


  1. Matthew Churchill says:

    Have you tried to Bomb the place? It would require you leaving for a few hours during the time that is taking place, but it works wonders as a temporary fix!

  2. breanna says:

    both for the junk and the bugs! genius! LOL

    seriously though… i’m really sensitive to toxins so it’s not an option for us. but man would i love to blow up the junk!!!!! 😀

  3. Jean Beeler says:

    Wondered where you were finding all the spiders. Careful…”Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!” : ) I’ve been eliminating stuff we don’t use this week. First the toys (not keepsake kinds, of course), the main bathroom stuff that I never use (won’t even tell how many garbage bags), and today our tiny pantry closet (I mean tiny) where things were so stuffed that they weren’t used. I’ve tried this before, but am trying once again, things are catalogued with shelves labeled, and since Tony helped categorize, etc., maybe they’ll actually stay that way! Interesting to discover things that you didn’t know you had bought! Also have lots of give-aways as Tony is a recently diagnosed diabetic, so at very least, I won’t fix things as often. : ) Love to bake, but will reserve that for when family come. Still have refrigerator to go through once again and the grandchildren’s craft shelves. Feels good getting major things done, doesn’t it? And, I don’t have children at home so have no excuses!

  4. aj says:

    Don’t worry it will get better!! The first couple years we lived here it was a nightmare with all the crazy big spiders!! YUCK!!! We don’t really have that anymore. However I did have to get out the vacuum for a SUPER big one yesterday but at least it isn’t everyday. I guess that is what we get for building on farm ground. 🙂

  5. Pam Sparks says:

    sounds like an awesome playground! We loved riding our bikes in the basement when I was growing up… helps your balance and all that…have to be quick to turn and stuff! lol

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