Posted: 09/20/2010 in family, jace legend, lizzie faith, pictures

or scream


we had brummer-beeler family pictures a couple weeks ago.

my children were a dream nightmare.

nice, right.

exactly what you hope for.

it was a gorgeous windy day.

yes, windy!

my children HATE the wind.

jace gasps and gasps for air and just can’t get a decent breath.

so he’s SCREAMING! terrified in the majority of the pictures.


real nice.

this equals a very stressed mommy and daddy.

and now looking back at the pictures my heart just breaks.

i can’t handle my babes crying when i can fix it.

i will not be able to hang the pictures on the wall where jace is crying.

now lizzie being ornery – those i can hang on the wall.

man, she was being a stinker!

jace crying stresses her out and she just shuts down! 😦

poor thing.

  1. Jean Beeler says:

    Love them! They are precious all!

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