Posted: 09/26/2010 in life

i’m not blogging.


i’m itching all over because of these…

in my bed…

running across my floor (have you seen my floor? light wood with lots of dark knots that look like wolf spiders, which results in kicking these spiders across the room. *shivers*)

wolf spiders,

we co-inhabited in the basement (yes i did kill as many as possible but did not make a dent in them, obviously.) with the soul agreement that you would never ever EVER come upstairs. you broke this agreement, why?

now you will die.



diamotacious earth


burial in my vacuum.

  1. Pam Sparks says:

    YOU WILL WIN!!! DEATH to SPIDERS everywhere!!!!

  2. aj says:

    YUCK!! I guess that was one good thing about a two story house….. they never really made it upstairs. I am so sorry! That is awful! I guess I should have never killed all the spiders for you growing up. HA! Anya will get them for you, she has NO fear!!! We had a few spiders that were at least 3 inches big, talk about gross!! Not sure why when we are huge compared to them!!

  3. breanna says:

    anya, will you please come over and play???? aunt b neeeeeeeds you while uncle eric is working! LOL

    she’s crazy. LOL this too shall pass, this too shall pass…. 🙂

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