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2 of my {favorite} people


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a new camera


jace monster


true handsome{ness}

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thankful tuesday

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21. lizzie faith – today you are 3. always grateful for you!

22. sunshine

(i’m gonna miss you this winter! it gets dark too early!!!!)

23. the little things

24. canon sd4500

25. bumbos!

26. good beef and a personal meat grinder. mmmm tasty!

27. eric’s job.

28. adoption crisp

30. bonfires, praise songs and smores


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or scream


we had brummer-beeler family pictures a couple weeks ago.

my children were a dream nightmare.

nice, right.

exactly what you hope for.

it was a gorgeous windy day.

yes, windy!

my children HATE the wind.

jace gasps and gasps for air and just can’t get a decent breath.

so he’s SCREAMING! terrified in the majority of the pictures.


real nice.

this equals a very stressed mommy and daddy.

and now looking back at the pictures my heart just breaks.

i can’t handle my babes crying when i can fix it.

i will not be able to hang the pictures on the wall where jace is crying.

now lizzie being ornery – those i can hang on the wall.

man, she was being a stinker!

jace crying stresses her out and she just shuts down! 😦

poor thing.


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jace has laughed hard three times today…

it’s official.

a couple days ago, he laughed.

but not as hardy as today.

i’ve officially got a giggler.

man, is it cute!

what a sweet boy i have.

now to try and capture on video…


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i’ve been busy.

having a blast.

with felt.

who knew!?!

not quite finished. fits race cars and scoop from bob the builder!

perfect for farmers market!

this is what i’m planning.

it fits over a cardtable.

one side is a garden like these:

the other a library:

front door:

and farmers market:

i’m thinking jace and liz for christmas.

i best get crackin’!