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our jace man

Posted: 10/16/2010 in jace legend, pictures

oh jace,

you had me at hello.

you have thee sweetest personality.

when you are mad,

you are MAD!

but when you are happy,

oh your smiles are so priceless.

you LOVE to be with daddy and hate to see him go.

you are content to let high school youth group girls love on you.

you love all noises that sound boyish (fart noises, raspberries, the like)

all the noises that made lizzie weep with fright, you think are the ultimate bomb.

you are in love with “crazy piano” app on daddy’s new ipod. (i love that you are learning to control your hands even more)

you sneeze all the time (i must remember to change furnace filter!)

the hiccups have seemed to finally let you be!

the car seat isn’t so bad after all.

sissy is the bomb and if she is not near we are sad.

all boys allowed. you can spot a boy from across the room and will fuss until someone takes you over to talk.

frogs are your favorite.

although your new orange elephant is a very close second.

you are happiest with music playing.

kipper is super.

you would prefer to sleep with lucy, i’m certain.

is surely going to throw a fit when you can’t play out in the snow with big sis.

you have so many names: bubba, bubs, bub, jacer, jaceman, babyjace, jace monster, monster man! (say like superman!).

you have so many more but they are escaping me.

talk to your dad, it’s all his fault.

you LOVE everything shiny black, door knobs, ipod touch, cellphone…. you will smile and talk and talk to it – so cute.

you LOVE being thrown up into the air.

the squeal that follows is killer cute!

you “roar”.

here you are in the finest puff jacket!

love you lil man.

i’m so bessed to be your mommy.