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depraved indifference

Posted: 11/30/2010 in adoption, videos

i double-dog-dare you to watch this video….. with your guard down.

AND to comment and tell me what YOU think.

jace {5}

Posted: 11/29/2010 in jace legend, life, pictures

at 5 months you are seriously big stuff.

you have TWO teeth!

today the second one broke through and i am hoping you get a break for a bit. this is tough work and it’s sure hard on all of us. (i’ll work on getting a picture. it’s tricky business.)

you sure have fun with your cousin. you two were born just under one hour apart. christmas is going to be crazy. you two are sure gonna be fun! 🙂 along with your sisters!

you are 15lbs 6oz and 26inches long.

you are so skinny. 🙂 you fit 9 months sleepers (circo 9 month sleepers are gonna be too short soon, sigh) 6 months are way to short. can still wear carter’s and circo 9 month size onsies and old navy/circo 6 month pants are perfect. (shout out to carter’s and circo for having those perfect-fit onesies)

when your needs are met by mommy, your bestest pal (next to lizzie of course) is daddy!!! as soon as he walks into the room, you have eyes only for him and will stare him down until he plays with you.

you flirt with every chick you see. geesh kid! you LOVE lizzie’s princesses and doll babies. the doll babies are good chewin’, didn’t ya know?! and the princesses, well they are just pretty and really make for good chewin’ too. sissy does. not. like this! and rescues her girls as soon as possible. and i sit back and chuckle.

you are getting really good at sitting up. (without the pillow is your fav) we still use the pillow for safety reasons. i’m not superwomen or anything.

this is how mommy gets so much done. LOL

you are not satisfied with just mommy’s milky so you do get 1-2 bottles in the evening. mommy’s bummed – but whatever it takes, huh buddy!

you love to roll from side to side and flip over and scoot around to see what sissy is doing or grab that toy juuuuust out of reach.

we’ve officially banned the bumbo. you think it is so much fun to reach as far as you can to grab all those things you can’t have. you haven’t flipped out yet, but decided to not wait for it and just eliminate the bumbo all together. not worth it. i’m bummed. it’s such a handy thing!

when you suck in your bottom lip, this is my favorite thing you do.

you fuss while mommy eats. if you don’t get every other bite, you think the world has ended. sigh.

i love to sit and watch you lay on your tummy and drive your favorite yellow scoop back and forth with pit stops in your mouth to chew on it. you just make me smile lil man.

happy 5 months!

amazima presentation #1

Posted: 11/21/2010 in amazima, uganda

we petitioned our church today.

poured our hearts out to them.

eric asked them to pull the loose change from their pockets (or purses) and hold it in their hands….

showed them this: true religion

then began explaining what that loose change can do.

20 cents equals one hot meal

$20 changes a women’s life. pulling her from prostitution into an honest way to provide for her family.

$15-$20 feeds 100.

she is 23 years old

katie is our hands and feet. loving on these babies. showing these people love.

what’s our role?

he started passing the jar around,

we can either put the loose change in the jar, where we won’t miss it and feed people or we can throw it back in our pocket.

because of prayer, hearts changing and pocket change:

500 people have been fed a hot meal, a women has been able to continue feeding her children, 5 children have been sent to school for one year, with supplies and meals.

God is big.

and he’s using a lil peabrain like myself.

he’s so resourceful.

he was mighty in a young man today after the service. loose change had fallen in the pews. he gathered it up from the entire sanctuary and did not put it in his own pocket.

he put it in the jar.

you can be mighty in him too.


we are to be like the children.

it’s simple.

want in?

start here

thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my brothers and sisters at LCC. this morning, you changed lives with your giving. because of your gifts we can encourage Katie DavisAMAZIMA MINISTRIES, and 147 Million Orphans to be our hands and feet where we cannot go. thank you. -eric and brea

felt house GIVEAWAY!

Posted: 11/18/2010 in amazima, felt

today is the LAST DAY to enter!!!!!!

will announce the winner monday morning!

just for fun! i’ve decided to give you a chance to get double your entries!!!

purchase ANYTHING from and get double entries for every $20 spent. email me your proof of purchase by midnight on dec 5th! (will honor purchases made since nov 18th)

11.18.10 update: already raised enough to serve 500 meals uganda!! keep it up ya’ll! you’re awesome!

11.21.10 update: 28 entries $990 raised

12.5.10 update: $1,150 and some change. $50 more and 4 children can be sent to school for a year! or 6,000 (SIX THOUSAND!!) meals served!

i can not begin to express how excited i am.

it’s done!!!!!!

the most fun thing i’ve EVER made. seriously.


this could be yours!!!

by donating now – i will pass along 100% (less paypal fees) of your donations to amazima ministry supporting katie davis in uganda. read her blog here.

you MUST read this post of mine too: amazima ministry and katie davis

here’s how:

every $15 you donate using the below paypal button enters your name in the pot ONE time! example: donate $60 and your name will be entered FOUR times.

also, IF you donate, let me know that you shared this link on facebook, your blog, or twitter and your name will be entered an additional time!

think of what we can do!!!! every 20 – $15’s donated (through the paypal button below) sends ONE child in uganda to school with school uniform, 2 hot meals a day, and school supplies  for one year!

they also feed hundreds of people a day. $15 serves 100 meals!

*if you would like 100% of your $15 to go to amazima, please paypal $15.74 which includes paypal fees.

sunday dec. 5th at midnight is the cut off for donating. winner will be announced monday december 6th.

questions: email me at and i will answer your question asap.

the truth

Posted: 11/11/2010 in amazima

i’ve not been sure HOW to blog about the happenings of my brain over the last few months.

my arms are full, when i sit and feed jace all i think about are babies who don’t have arms to hold them. my arms feel so empty. my prayer has been that Jesus holds them until i figure out what in the world he is laying on my heart to do.

last i checked, there are lots of organizations out there – each begging for help. all legit? i bet not. most, probably! but that just isn’t good enough. nothing impacts enough. or changes circumstances enough. only bringing them into my home is doing enough. and then that’s only enough for one or two, or three. what about the others. there are so many others!!!

the truth is, i still have no idea what’s going on. where this will lead. but i have a feeling, God is preparing me for the reality, that it’s much bigger than i realize today.

yesterday, the first step was made. i did what God said. very confused. knowing there was a need, but confused what my role is in it all. then i sought out my husband. confused still. not sure what i was asking of him. then i sought out my sisters (cuz i bounce everything off of them! lol and my mom, but sorry mom! we haven’t chatted about this yet! we will soon!) i spend the day yesterday searching. God has been nudging me for months, the seed was planted years ago by others. this is not off the fly. this is heavy and real and requires work. my sister emails me, “this is a good site”, she says: OH! i’ve been reading for a few months now that i learned of from my other sister.




it’s all clicking in my head now. and i get it. i get why lil brown faces, blurry in my head, but present none-the-less are so vivid in my mind when i nurse jace to sleep. or rock him when he is upset. why i feel flustered that i’m not doing anything! let alone enough. why some days i just sit and weep, what can i do? because of laws and regulations, i can not just sweep all these loves into my arms and call them my own. i get why i can hardly stand to read katie’s blog. it cuts too deep. it causes such a battle with the Lord. he whispers to me to “do something”. and i wail back, “what???? what is enough?”. i struggle about what others will think of me: just a crazy on her latest weep-fest or flippant cause. or there are children here that need our love and care, why is she not advocating for them?? the truth is: i don’t know!! God said “this one”. and i said ok.

so i said, “ok Lord. i’m here. 100% on board. what next.?” i realized i needed to go to eric again. i asked him to watch this, true religion. and i cried while i showed him this, real people. he committed as well.

God is empowering. he is equipping. i am so anxious. confused. worried. excited. weak.

what now? now we are a team. God has joined us and made us mighty together.

we continue to seek his desire.

we walk where he tells us to.

it might just be straight to you.

then what do we do together?

we do THIS!

amazima means “the truth”. there is a team in uganda with katie. for $300 a year they can provide one child with 2 hot meals a day, school, school supplies, and a uniform. every saturday morning they meet for worship and continuing worshipping well into the afternoon. each child is taken home or sent home with a bag of food for their family. while the children are at school, amazima has a couple people who go the their villages and hold Bible studies and meet the spiritual needs of the children’s families as well.

amazima has over 400 students sponsored and serve thousands and thousands of meals. showing LOVE first. if these people do not know what love is, how can they understand Christ’s love….

one postage stamp provides 2 HOT meals.

one hen can be given to a family, for eggs to eat and to sell.

necklaces can be purchased: for every necklace purchased a child is taken care of. the women make these beads from old magazines and make the necklaces, amazima purchases them and sells them to us and amazima feeds them! WOW!

$15 is 100 – ONE HUNDRED!!! meals for a child.

we can make a difference.

here is a list

we are commanded to do something.

please start by going here and reading this:

and after you’ve read that, please watch this.

“…once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.”

Proverbs 24:12

felt playhouse side 2

Posted: 11/05/2010 in felt, pictures

i had an absolute blast with this side. it took one day to finish (i started yesterday morning and finished up in a half hour this morning). i have no words. this puppy is adorable! jace sat in the bumbo growling at her! talk about hilarious!!!! i need to put another piece of velcro behind her head cuz it keeps flopping down and i’d like to add a bone. lucy and the future bone are the only things removable on this side. the doggy door is perfect to crawl through – lizzie should be able to crawl through it a couple more years. shwoo!!!! i was worried. it looks tiny when sewing!

i can’t wait to start and finish the other two sides. i can’t decide, one side a garden, the other side a farmers market. or one side grocery store shelves with removable food, and the other side the checkout. HELP!! both of these ideas sound amazingly fun to me!! (i may be leaning towards the grocery store sides….)

check out the other side here and here.