felt playhouse side 2

Posted: 11/05/2010 in felt, pictures

i had an absolute blast with this side. it took one day to finish (i started yesterday morning and finished up in a half hour this morning). i have no words. this puppy is adorable! jace sat in the bumbo growling at her! talk about hilarious!!!! i need to put another piece of velcro behind her head cuz it keeps flopping down and i’d like to add a bone. lucy and the future bone are the only things removable on this side. the doggy door is perfect to crawl through – lizzie should be able to crawl through it a couple more years. shwoo!!!! i was worried. it looks tiny when sewing!

i can’t wait to start and finish the other two sides. i can’t decide, one side a garden, the other side a farmers market. or one side grocery store shelves with removable food, and the other side the checkout. HELP!! both of these ideas sound amazingly fun to me!! (i may be leaning towards the grocery store sides….)

check out the other side here and here.

  1. Amanda Drost says:

    grocery store sounds REALLY cool!!!

  2. Tracy Teachout says:

    What about one side the grocery store and the other side the garden??

  3. Pam Sparks says:

    totally AWESOME! Guess you need a whole ‘nother house to do all your ideas! lol

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