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Posted: 11/11/2010 in amazima

i’ve not been sure HOW to blog about the happenings of my brain over the last few months.

my arms are full, when i sit and feed jace all i think about are babies who don’t have arms to hold them. my arms feel so empty. my prayer has been that Jesus holds them until i figure out what in the world he is laying on my heart to do.

last i checked, there are lots of organizations out there – each begging for help. all legit? i bet not. most, probably! but that just isn’t good enough. nothing impacts enough. or changes circumstances enough. only bringing them into my home is doing enough. and then that’s only enough for one or two, or three. what about the others. there are so many others!!!

the truth is, i still have no idea what’s going on. where this will lead. but i have a feeling, God is preparing me for the reality, that it’s much bigger than i realize today.

yesterday, the first step was made. i did what God said. very confused. knowing there was a need, but confused what my role is in it all. then i sought out my husband. confused still. not sure what i was asking of him. then i sought out my sisters (cuz i bounce everything off of them! lol and my mom, but sorry mom! we haven’t chatted about this yet! we will soon!) i spend the day yesterday searching. God has been nudging me for months, the seed was planted years ago by others. this is not off the fly. this is heavy and real and requires work. my sister emails me, “this is a good site”, she says: OH! i’ve been reading for a few months now that i learned of from my other sister.




it’s all clicking in my head now. and i get it. i get why lil brown faces, blurry in my head, but present none-the-less are so vivid in my mind when i nurse jace to sleep. or rock him when he is upset. why i feel flustered that i’m not doing anything! let alone enough. why some days i just sit and weep, what can i do? because of laws and regulations, i can not just sweep all these loves into my arms and call them my own. i get why i can hardly stand to read katie’s blog. it cuts too deep. it causes such a battle with the Lord. he whispers to me to “do something”. and i wail back, “what???? what is enough?”. i struggle about what others will think of me: just a crazy on her latest weep-fest or flippant cause. or there are children here that need our love and care, why is she not advocating for them?? the truth is: i don’t know!! God said “this one”. and i said ok.

so i said, “ok Lord. i’m here. 100% on board. what next.?” i realized i needed to go to eric again. i asked him to watch this, true religion. and i cried while i showed him this, real people. he committed as well.

God is empowering. he is equipping. i am so anxious. confused. worried. excited. weak.

what now? now we are a team. God has joined us and made us mighty together.

we continue to seek his desire.

we walk where he tells us to.

it might just be straight to you.

then what do we do together?

we do THIS!

amazima means “the truth”. there is a team in uganda with katie. for $300 a year they can provide one child with 2 hot meals a day, school, school supplies, and a uniform. every saturday morning they meet for worship and continuing worshipping well into the afternoon. each child is taken home or sent home with a bag of food for their family. while the children are at school, amazima has a couple people who go the their villages and hold Bible studies and meet the spiritual needs of the children’s families as well.

amazima has over 400 students sponsored and serve thousands and thousands of meals. showing LOVE first. if these people do not know what love is, how can they understand Christ’s love….

one postage stamp provides 2 HOT meals.

one hen can be given to a family, for eggs to eat and to sell.

necklaces can be purchased: for every necklace purchased a child is taken care of. the women make these beads from old magazines and make the necklaces, amazima purchases them and sells them to us and amazima feeds them! WOW!

$15 is 100 – ONE HUNDRED!!! meals for a child.

we can make a difference.

here is a list

we are commanded to do something.

please start by going here and reading this:

and after you’ve read that, please watch this.

“…once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.”

Proverbs 24:12
  1. aj says:

    It is truly amazing how little it takes to make a HUGE difference. Thanks for speaking my heart!!!

  2. Cori Drost says:

    Hi, I popped over from Amanda’s facebook link. Just had to share the perfect timing of this … I’ve been looking for a child sponsorship program but wasn’t feeling “right” about most of them for some reason. This Amazima is exactly what I was looking for! Even had a conversation last night about the exact amount that it costs to sponsor a child. Gotta love God’s perfect timing! Thanks for sharing … and to Amanda for sharing the link …

  3. breanna says:

    oh cori!!! thank you so much for sharing! God is good!!! 🙂

  4. Shonya says:

    “living out a christian spin on the american dream”. . .wow, that’s telling it, isn’t it?!

    I love Katie. Talk about living for the Lord, day in and day out.

    I don’t quite have words tonight, but I think you know God continuously works on me in this area as well.

    Have you read Radical? I’ve been tempted, but have never picked it up. Would be a good one to read and discuss together and hold one another accountable!!

  5. breanna says:

    shonya, katie is such a beautiful depiction of Christ. i am challenged, put in my place and encouraged by her. i have not read radical. honestly, i’m scared to. do i hear a book study???!!! (i’m still scared to read it! LOL)

  6. […] you MUST read this post of mine too: amazima ministry and katie davis […]

  7. […] you MUST read this post of mine too: amazima ministry and katie davis […]

  8. Angela says:

    Breanna, this blog entry led to our church observing our first ever “Orphan Sunday” tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your heart. May the Lord bless you as you continue to care for orphans and widows in their distress.

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