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amazima presentation #1

Posted: 11/21/2010 in amazima, uganda

we petitioned our church today.

poured our hearts out to them.

eric asked them to pull the loose change from their pockets (or purses) and hold it in their hands….

showed them this: true religion

then began explaining what that loose change can do.

20 cents equals one hot meal

$20 changes a women’s life. pulling her from prostitution into an honest way to provide for her family.

$15-$20 feeds 100.

she is 23 years old

katie is our hands and feet. loving on these babies. showing these people love.

what’s our role?

he started passing the jar around,

we can either put the loose change in the jar, where we won’t miss it and feed people or we can throw it back in our pocket.

because of prayer, hearts changing and pocket change:

500 people have been fed a hot meal, a women has been able to continue feeding her children, 5 children have been sent to school for one year, with supplies and meals.

God is big.

and he’s using a lil peabrain like myself.

he’s so resourceful.

he was mighty in a young man today after the service. loose change had fallen in the pews. he gathered it up from the entire sanctuary and did not put it in his own pocket.

he put it in the jar.

you can be mighty in him too.


we are to be like the children.

it’s simple.

want in?

start here

thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my brothers and sisters at LCC. this morning, you changed lives with your giving. because of your gifts we can encourage Katie DavisAMAZIMA MINISTRIES, and 147 Million Orphans to be our hands and feet where we cannot go. thank you. -eric and brea