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jace {5}

Posted: 11/29/2010 in jace legend, life, pictures

at 5 months you are seriously big stuff.

you have TWO teeth!

today the second one broke through and i am hoping you get a break for a bit. this is tough work and it’s sure hard on all of us. (i’ll work on getting a picture. it’s tricky business.)

you sure have fun with your cousin. you two were born just under one hour apart. christmas is going to be crazy. you two are sure gonna be fun! 🙂 along with your sisters!

you are 15lbs 6oz and 26inches long.

you are so skinny. 🙂 you fit 9 months sleepers (circo 9 month sleepers are gonna be too short soon, sigh) 6 months are way to short. can still wear carter’s and circo 9 month size onsies and old navy/circo 6 month pants are perfect. (shout out to carter’s and circo for having those perfect-fit onesies)

when your needs are met by mommy, your bestest pal (next to lizzie of course) is daddy!!! as soon as he walks into the room, you have eyes only for him and will stare him down until he plays with you.

you flirt with every chick you see. geesh kid! you LOVE lizzie’s princesses and doll babies. the doll babies are good chewin’, didn’t ya know?! and the princesses, well they are just pretty and really make for good chewin’ too. sissy does. not. like this! and rescues her girls as soon as possible. and i sit back and chuckle.

you are getting really good at sitting up. (without the pillow is your fav) we still use the pillow for safety reasons. i’m not superwomen or anything.

this is how mommy gets so much done. LOL

you are not satisfied with just mommy’s milky so you do get 1-2 bottles in the evening. mommy’s bummed – but whatever it takes, huh buddy!

you love to roll from side to side and flip over and scoot around to see what sissy is doing or grab that toy juuuuust out of reach.

we’ve officially banned the bumbo. you think it is so much fun to reach as far as you can to grab all those things you can’t have. you haven’t flipped out yet, but decided to not wait for it and just eliminate the bumbo all together. not worth it. i’m bummed. it’s such a handy thing!

when you suck in your bottom lip, this is my favorite thing you do.

you fuss while mommy eats. if you don’t get every other bite, you think the world has ended. sigh.

i love to sit and watch you lay on your tummy and drive your favorite yellow scoop back and forth with pit stops in your mouth to chew on it. you just make me smile lil man.

happy 5 months!