felt play house winner extended

Posted: 12/07/2010 in felt

you all saw the post about the play house winner being marcia martin…

eric was calling her to tell her she won…. my mother in law was anxious to hear the winner so i immediately called her while eric was on the phone with marcia.

eric gets off with her before i’m done chattering at penny and eric tells me marcia has decided what she wants to do with the playhouse….

…. she wants to give it to the little redhead it was originally made for.

then i cried like a baby.


completely unexpected!!!!

you all know how attached i get to things…

this was a big deal for me to decide to give this away.

eric was calling marcia because i knew i wouldn’t be able to get through the phone call without crying…

i make things with love, what can i say?

it’s all or nothing in this house.

we prayed about it and discussed it – some said draw another name, others said keep it….

we have decided it would be an insult not to keep it.

the winner has decided to give it as a gift back to us.

you might find this extreme, but it’s the only way i can figure out how to explain how i feel….

abraham and isaac.

i did what God said.

i detached myself from it.

knowing God’s way is better.

and i can make another…….

God is so sweet to me.

His people are so very kind.

i’m overwhelmed by nearly 1,200$ being given to amazima through this…

i’m overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity and yet there is more. . . He gave it back to me!

i wanted to tell you, because you all are such a huge part of this.

i’m considering making this a traveling playhouse….

you can check it out for 2 weeks at a time…

any thoughts on this???

thank you all for all you’ve done and for sharing our deep desire to save the orphans in uganda and all over the world, here at home and away…..

love you all!

  1. Amanda Drost says:

    love it! What a blessing! Amazing!!!!

  2. Heather says:

    i love it! God cares for you! 😀

  3. Sarah says:

    oh Brea 🙂 how special! Is it like the sisterhood of the travelling pants? 🙂 hehe

  4. Jean Beeler says:

    Love it. This brought tears. What a dear person, and what a dear God we have! Accept it, and allow her, too, to be a blessing!

  5. Shonya says:

    What a blessing, Breanna!! And it’s given me so much to mull over. What God wants is our hearts–our WILLINGNESS. And then sometimes, as the hand is poised for the final sacrifice. . .He calls our name and returns that which we did not ‘withhold.’

    Not withhold–profound! I just have no words, but I totally get the Abraham and Isaac thing. It’s about idolatry. “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.” Put nothing before God, withhold nothing. Thank you for sharing!!

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