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jace upright

Posted: 12/16/2010 in jace legend

jace decided sunday to sit up like a big boy. he tips over only if he’s diving after a toy or lizzie. ┬áhe really doesn’t need anything around him for cushion if he tumbles over, he really only topples if he’s after something which usually he is able to catch himself and sit back up. (he has serious core muscles!) yesterday, this was not the case. full blown nose dive forward. nope, amanda’s hardwood floor isn’t any softer than our hardwood floor. but thanks jace, for checking on that for us. your poor nose!

jace has had an ear ache/infection for a week or so! smack this mama upside the head for it taking so long to diagnose (and i still wasn’t the one to figure it out!!!). DER! he’s much happier now and so are his daddy and i. we are getting so much more sleep. our bodies are still recovering and we are struggling with exhaustion. crazy lil ears! i will do better next time at recognizing the symptoms.

he is in LOVE with the christmas tree. lizzie would touch it and shudder and not touch it again. with jace, it has made the list of good distractions when he is crying and needs redirected. i will be sad to see it go!!

when he was born, we couldn’t decide if he had red hair or brown. it WAS brown. it was! but now, it is so very red! it started falling out a couple months ago (really only a bit fell out, it thinned….) and now it’s grown back in very red!!! crazy!

can you believe it’s been nearly 6 months!!!!!