jace {6}

Posted: 12/23/2010 in jace legend, pictures


will be 6 months old tomorrow.

are nearly 17 lbs

wear 9 month onesies and 6 month pants (you wear them low like daddy, not high like urkel LOL).

can walk backwards in your walker

are on the highest setting of your exersaucer.

love watching your sister play.

eat anything mom is eating. (but mom avoids this if it’s possible!)

chew on everything,  prefers chewing on wood.

has two teeth and working on more.

bite your tongue several times a day.

tractors and noisey toys are thee best!

growl and it is your favorite. growl at you and you will growl back!

say hi.

can wave ‘hi’ but rarely do it on command.

love wrapping paper.

know exactly what ‘no’ means.

have had your first real injury – a burned hand from grabbing the toppings off of a very hot pizza.

(thanks to honey his entire hand went from flaming red, blisters and swelling to normal skin color but one spot was red within a hour (which i bandaged over night with honey) and a day after it happened only one tiny red spot, the next day nothing. 🙂 honey is awesome!!!)

love sitting up and think your mighty big stuff.

have started scoot/crawling. video to come.

smile at me with little effort from me.

name is “little handsome”. just ask lizzie. if we call you anything else, we will be corrected.


my heart is torn little jace. i am so excited for each new accomplishment, yet i dread them. you are growing so quickly. you really don’t have to keep up with everything your sister is doing. there is nothing wrong with staying a baby for just a bit longer!

  1. Pam Sparks says:

    I agree! this baby Jace is so handsome! So wonderful that he gets to spend his days with mom and sister!!! You’re doing an awesome job Breanna! Happy six months to Jace!

  2. Amanda Drost says:

    He is just the coolest little dude!! 🙂 I agree, he is growing up way too fast. I guess the baby stage will just have to be replaced with another baby. 🙂

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