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Posted: 01/28/2011 in me

yesterday i met a dear friend for lunch and a playdate….

there are very few things i hold dear…..

this, reached the ‘treasure island shelf’ even with the dating scrapbook and wedding album and pear advice cards from our wedding….

we’re talking serious like here… 🙂

this is hand carved in zimbabwe by a woman who was able to provide for her family by carving this.

head over to africanart. com to see all they have!

this dear friend of mine sure knows the way to these brummer’s hearts!

7 already

Posted: 01/26/2011 in jace legend, videos

i just realized today that jace is 7 months old.



while that sinks in….

here’s a couple videos of what he is up to.

he has deciding crawling from room to room works to his advantage.

i’m realizing this house isn’t as 7-month-old-proofed as i thought it was.

he is 19lbs and 27ish inches long.

9 month clothes still fit as long as they are two pieces.

he is getting some rolls and fat wrinkles that i simply love!

we’re all enjoying him… if you can’t tell. 🙂

we’re due for a lizzie post.

stay tuned.



ipad giveaway!!!!

Posted: 01/21/2011 in adoption

check it!

$5 gets you one entry to win

$20 5 chances

$50 15 chances!!!!

and so forth

who doesn’t want an ipad!!!! seriously.

and if you don’t win – you helped a little boy in ukraine, named ethan come home to his forever family!


Posted: 01/21/2011 in adoption

this is such an awesome story!

this gal needs to sell 2000 (she has sold lots already, not sure the exact #)

this will make it possible for her to adopt another child!!!

how exciting our little effort can change a life!

i will forever be in awe of the simple ways i can help!!

check out her website!

she is giving away one tutu now and the giveaway ends tonight tomorrow night!!!

so hurry and enter! it’s really easy!


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this is such a goofy picture….

we used the computer’s camera to take this picture.

it’s like looking in a mirror.

jace loves LOVES looking at himself in the mirror.

and he loves his mum-mum!!!

his excitement shows so adorably in this picture.

this makes me swoon!

jace says ‘mum mum mum’ when he wants me!!!!!!!!!

there are no words to describe.

it’s just too sweet!

lizzie loved me, oh yes, i’m her mom!

but she said ‘dad’ first….

and everything dad did she wanted to do…

i was there for the food. LOL

but jace, oh jace is my buddy.

i love these too people so much!!!!

*so blessed*

say what?!?!?!

Posted: 01/11/2011 in jace legend

as of 5:30pm

tonight on 1.11.11

jace decided to army crawl as a means of transportation.


a bit of innocence was lost today….


Posted: 01/04/2011 in adoption

and the winner is







congrats, jenn!!!!!

thank you to everyone that gave and/or prayed! i wish you all could have won!!!

here is a blurb from daleea (isabella’s mother)

What a blessing you are and an answer to prayer…. I am so humbled at how the Lord is rallying so many to come forward and not only help our family but most importantly help change the life of our precious daughter.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of her life story…

what a cool thing to be a part of…. this lovely girl’s life story!!! i’m humbled!

she has reached her goal of selling 1,667 bracelets! how cool is that! read all about it here!

any suggestions on what you’d like as a giveaway next time? a cause in mind or an item….

God bless you all!!!


it’s about time for another don’tcha think?

this one i am so excited about!


these are natural wooden beads nestled in yummy fabrics… hand sewn snug as a bug in a rug…
shabby chic slightly frayed ends stay tied together. simply slip your bracelet on and off… fits like a bangle.

i have a feeling this might be my son’s favorite chew toy! 🙂 and i can wear it as jewelry!!

here’s how this works:

you send me $1  (or give me $1 in person) and i’ll enter your name into the pot 1 time to win this set of 3 bangles pictured above.

send me $5 and i will enter it 5 times. 🙂 easy math – that’s what i’m about.

ALL $$ given goes directly to orphaned no more to aid bringing isabella home!

they are short $3,000 which has to be paid before they can bring miss izzy home! our effort could really go a long way here!!

God bless you as you join us  in blessing others!

i’m so excited to do this giveaway for you and can’t wait to find out who wins!!

** give away ends saturday, january 8th. winner will be announced sunday, january 9th**