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it’s high time i blog

we are overwhelmed by how people have blessed us this christmas!

i did not realize that our toys for lizzie were too young!

she is having a blast cutting veggies up while i make supper,

playing with her doll house,

watching beauty and the beast while beauty and beast dolls dance in our living room. 🙂

can a 3 year old talk about her wedding day more?!?!! goodness!

there is just too much to list – she is just so much happier now with more age appropriate toys!

jace is loving stealing lizzie’s princess dolls – could care less about beast.

he likes the pretty ladies. LOL oh dear.

he scored some pretty sweet rough ‘n tough boy stuff that we were in need of to try and ween this boy off his sister’s toys.

(i’m wondering if he likes to hear her squeal and come running to save her dolls from jace-slobber! that’s one way to get her to sit and play next to him)

we had a wonderful time fellow-shipping with friends and family too!

with that in mind, i am sad for the holidays to be over….

yet i’m thrilled to have that huge tree out of here (and be able to see out my front window again!!)

and the living room furniture rearranged! (this is my favorite arrangement yet, it might stay this way for a few months!)

i’ve still got quite the task ahead of me this week, toy sorting.

i’m brainstorming creative ways to pass along some great toys in good shape….

what do you do?

oh back to that huge christmas tree,

eric and his brother had a wonderful time disposing of it

the joys of living in the country












it’s absolutely amazing to me – this is a 9 foot tree.

you can see the top and how far the flames are above it.


i did not watch.

this girl can’t handle fire.

i’m thinking fake next year.

when i see these top flames, i picture my lovely kitchen.

that flame would chase right along my ceiling and this main part of my house would be gone in seconds.


anyway, moving right along.

i may disappear for a few days again while i seek creative storage methods and struggle with this house shrinking right before my eyes 🙂




my moto for this year:

anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins. james 4:17


heres to 2011!