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this is such a goofy picture….

we used the computer’s camera to take this picture.

it’s like looking in a mirror.

jace loves LOVES looking at himself in the mirror.

and he loves his mum-mum!!!

his excitement shows so adorably in this picture.

this makes me swoon!

jace says ‘mum mum mum’ when he wants me!!!!!!!!!

there are no words to describe.

it’s just too sweet!

lizzie loved me, oh yes, i’m her mom!

but she said ‘dad’ first….

and everything dad did she wanted to do…

i was there for the food. LOL

but jace, oh jace is my buddy.

i love these too people so much!!!!

*so blessed*

  1. aj says:

    So Fun!!!

  2. Xavier likes me…like chooses me over others also, and Natalee never really did, and it IS fun and sweet and lovey. I LOVE it…he likes to snuggle me and kiss me and play with me and, while Natalee thought (thinks) I’m grand and super and a nice chef and diaper changer her main squeeze is also dad. So nice to be loved.

  3. Jean Beeler says:

    Too sweet! I think unusual for baby to say Mum first instead of Dada. So Jace is, indeed, a special boy. Was he coached? Ha.

  4. breanna says:

    not at all, jean!!!!!! i cant believe you would ask!!

    *shame faced*

    yes he was. sigh.

  5. breanna says:

    jenn, we are so blessed!! πŸ™‚

  6. bjp121 says:

    Ez used to call me NaNaNa, and the day I realized that he was calling for me, I beamed even though he was crying πŸ™‚ He’s since called me MaMa, but he, like all my children, love to talk about their daddy. The minute he walks in the door, Ez starts in with the “DaDaDA!”
    I’m not jealous, though. You should see that little guy’s face when I walk into the room. I’m obviously his favorite πŸ˜‰

  7. Shonya says:

    Too precious. I truly think there is just something special between a mother and son. And don’t feel bad about the coaching! giggle My four older kids have ALL said da-da first. I’m desperately trying to get Tyrell to say ma-ma. . . tee, hee

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