blizzard 2011

Posted: 02/03/2011 in life

sunday was the first time i heard we were going to get some snow…

monday i realized how much – they were saying 10-14 inches.

i didn’t believe them

i am so thankful…

our furnace has been keeping up and our electricity stayed on.

eric decided to come home from work early monday (and was able to)… i did not want to be snowed in with this by myself with him in osky – scary!

it was only 9 shingles that blew off and not more.

for neighbors who are generous and willing to use their tractor and blade our driveway.

for snowblowers.

we have a basement cove for lucy to sleep in (and that she’s comfortable down there and not barking at all! this is a miracle).

for disposable diapers – jace got a nasty diaper rash again when i tried cloth diapers for only 2 hours! ARG! (to which i tried everything for 2 days to get it to clear up and aloe vera worked within a couple hours. note: this was jace’s worse rash ever! i {heart} aloe vera!)

for dear friends and family.

for 4×4 trucks!!!!

it’s so weird to see all the pictures and how many states are affected by this blizzard. towns, gas stations, everything completely shut down yesterday. tuesday people were trying to get home from work early and there were so many accidents. it’s surreal how dangerous it is.

it’s been nice having eric home and getting a few projects done (like oiling the countertop! looks so much better! 🙂 ). i love how much jace LOVES his daddy! it’s very precious to see him hold his arms up for daddy to pick him up. with that said, i that jace thinks he doesn’t need to nap when daddy is home. this makes for a very long day and a very crabby jace (and mommy). but he didn’t miss anything daddy did!!! aaaah! i talked to jace about it and he did nap in bed yesterday! shwoo!

we are working very hard to keep this house baby-proofed but we are all still learning and recognizing our flaws…. jace is on the go! getting faster everyday (will post a video later today). he has been scooting for a couple weeks now. just this week has he really gotten fast and actually can chase lizzie around. he likes to crawl under the table, through toy tunnels, and loves playing in lizzie’s princess tent (we make with a comforter and chairs). you may find jace SCREAMING! with a nasty red line on his forehead from attempting to crawl under the couch. he will let you know LOUDLY that he thinks he gets to chew on electrical cords. he loves finding little crumbs and playing with them, yesterday he learned he could pick them up and put them in his mouth. ugh!!!! i didn’t realize how many tiny things we have that he can get into. princess shoes…. yarn scraps…. oh he did have a big-boy-bath in the big bath tub yesterday for the first time! 🙂

can i just say one more thing?



new levels of exhaustion these days keeping up with this dude. i know it sounds pathetic. but every time i try and start a project, he recognizes that i am busy and immediately crawls over to me and cries and whines at my feet while literally pulling at my pant leg. i’m learning new ways to engage him with every task of mine, but it honestly takes so much longer and sometimes makes me crazy that it takes me 20 minutes to do something that should only take me 5. but above all, i do remember that this stage in jace’s life goes by so quickly!!!! i just *blinked* and lizzie is THREE!!!!! it’s just nuts.

lizzie LOVES the snow! but it’s just too windy she says. 🙂 she did go outside and play/help daddy for a bit. brrrrr! lizzie loves netflix and prefers to sit with the remote and continually restart shows and would watch literally all-day. of course i’ve never let her do this. but the last two days i have been busy with my own projects, she has gotten away with this more and more…. i am prepared for a battle or two today because of it.

she loves strawberry shortcake, princesses, princes, her doll house, stamping, coloring, beads, bubber, and jace loves stealing all of these things to get a reaction out of her! i’m learning to reward her, entice her with big girl things and keeping jace busy with his things so everything isn’t dumbed down to a 7 month old…. she loves her ‘school work’ (my baby can read and some timberdoodle preschool curriculum). we already butt heads and grow frustrated with each other over school work. 😦 this i am not looking forward to.

i pray you all have stayed safe and warm this blizzard in 2011! here’s to not having another one for 20 more years!

  1. jenni says:

    I love it when nic is home…he works 2nd shift so Barrett and I have our schedual at night down to a science and so when nic is home on the weekends or at night Barrett won’t sleep for anything and it is horrible!

  2. Shonya says:

    Cracking up at little Jace giving ya a run for your money–aren’t they a hoot?! You know he just wants to keep up with big sis. . . 😀

  3. Britt says:

    Oh, guess I asked too soon what Miss Liz thought of having a mobile brother, huh? 🙂 I was thinking, “Well at least she’s tall and can hide her stuff from him.” but he’s catching up quick, isn’t he?

  4. Britt says:

    And, yuck to the snow .. I love watching it fall, but I hate having to walk in it. I have never bought myself boots because I think, “What a waste of money. It won’t snow again and they’ll sit in the closet.” Then we get THIS. Sheesh!
    Though, I’ll say this because I’m far enough way you can’t swat me 😉 But I’ll take a little snow on the ground or frozen ground over muuuud anyday. Euch. Can we skip straight to the dry summer, ya think? Start praying now! =)

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