Posted: 02/15/2011 in jace legend

watching bob the builder....

such a tease! i just want a smile with your new outfit from mc!!

STOP watching Bob and look at me and smile.... this was as good as i could get from the lil stinker. LOL he total plays me.

  1. Pam Sparks says:

    Bob the builder!!! With that shirt, I’d a thought he’d be watching Bob the Tomato! lol
    What a fun shirt! You’ve sure had fun dressing this little tyke and so glad you share w/the rest of us! The pictures are awesome! The last one kinda makes me wonder if he can tell he has some new teeth!

  2. simplyaltered says:

    Oh what a doll!!! such a sweet sweet age!! I just miss kissing and squeezing them at that age. He will be SO grown up before you know it. Bless his heart!!

  3. Jean Beeler says:

    What a cutie! We made a usual quick trip to MO and back. Didn’t get to see Betty, and I really wanted to do so. Love being with all of Tony’s side of the family as I always have so much fun with all of Betty’s kids (kids! ha). Would love to see your house and the babies all in person! Glad for this opportunity to get to really know you even if from far away! Love!

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