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lizzie and the flute

Posted: 02/25/2011 in lizzie faith

memaw brought this home from texas…..

lizzie is in love, mommy isn’t.

no really, it’s not too bad!

lizzie accepts when she can’t play it and respects the rest of the us.


{8} mos

Posted: 02/25/2011 in jace legend

this is just nuts.
there is no possible way i can be posting jace’s 8 month update.

let’s start with the ROOOOOOAR!

it get’s cuter and cuter each month 🙂

at 8 months old, you…

eat everything mommy eats (except some sweets mommy sneaks into her diet).

LOVE crunching food with your 4 front teeth.

crawl through the entire house. (video soon, it’s more a toe-propelling kind of speed skating on hardwood floor or scaling up the wall like spiderman! LOL it’s nuts how fast you are)

pulls yourself up splendidly with the help of any willing partner and just yesterday (on your 8 month bday) started pulling yourself up with objects, couch, chair, stools….

new favorite thing is walking with the help of a willing partner of course.

are having a love-affair with all things that have WHEELS!

and sissy hide out in her room playing with her pretty things (shhh don’t tell daddy!).

sign ‘nurse’ to have mommy’s milk.

fuss more today than ever before! whatintheworld! please stop this, son!

because of the above, you WILL learn MORE sign language VERY soon.

flirt with everyone!

grind your teeth. *cringe*

wave hello!

are working on saying ‘sissy’ (which i think is a-dorable!)

are suddenly scared-to-death of lucy and other dogs.

push all limits.

had your first major injury last sunday: you took a dive off the bed, (not a good idea). bloody nose, bloody mouth, scrapped up face and bruised cheek (i handled
it very well! – blood doesn’t bother me as much as i thought it would!)

crack yourself up

LOVE tackling lizzie!!!!!!

thinks water is pretty cool stuff as long as it touches you on your terms only.

bangs everything on anything to make as much noise as possible.

i’m sure there’s tons more but i sure can’t think of it this morning! love you bubba jace! i’m overwhelmed with God thinking i can handle you. LOL i will continue to trust in HIM that He knows what’s He’s doing!