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Posted: 03/21/2011 in jace legend

jace will be 9 months old this week!


he is in love with the dog again after a brief season of being scared to death of her….

he is such a flirt! waving at all the lovely ladies he can!!! 😀

this past week while i was sick, eric stayed home to help… this was a great opportunity for jace and daddy to bond. they are the bestest buds now!!! it’s so much fun!!!

eric was working in the attic this weekend. both kids hung out in the garage while i sewed – LOVE IT! loving this weather!!! jace crawls all around the porch and he and lizzie will play out there all afternoon while i work inside! so thankful for an awesome porch and gate!!!

i got out jace’s ride along and sat him on it the other day. he didn’t really care about it or know what to do.

this is what happened the second time i sat him on it….

he’s such a lil man. a conversationalist. strong tempered. half the time i simply don’t know what to do with him! i’m stunned such a lil person can be so mad at not getting his way. or not being able to get up and walk around like us…. simply nuts!



Posted: 03/17/2011 in life

i’ve been down with the nasty stuff since late sunday.

my camera also broke.

what is there to blog about with out my camera?!!!

canon repair center has notified me and said it is on it’s way back to me.


all relax in my blog world.

i will be back in full color soon!

also have some blog posts rolling around in my head that aren’t about my KIDS!

wooooooah! who would have thought 😉

all that to say… stay tuned….

in the mean time – enjoy the weather! WOW!

{yes mama}

Posted: 03/07/2011 in jace legend, videos

jace started saying “yes mama” yesterday!

my camera has decided to be dumb (bought in 9/10) and i have to mail it in 😦 i’m already missing it desperately!

i had to use the video camera on the computer…

i did two videos.

the first one had sound.

this one! no sound!


i have no idea!!!

i’m so horribly bummed!

imagine how cute it would be with sound!!! 😦

i can read my lips – i’m hoping you can too!

man is he cute!

i KNOW i’m not biased 😉

***i just previewed it on youtube and there is SOUND!!!!! oh this mama is THRILLED!!!!!***


Posted: 03/03/2011 in favorites, me, spiritual growth

what a fun weekend/week!

i feel like i’ve spent all my energy loving on friends!

what an awesome experience!

first we had GREAT friends over – and our first overnight guests!

what a joy it is to be serving!

we’ve spent a couple days recovering from late nights and fun times

(i came down with mastitis even – no fun!)

kristi blogged a bit more about their visit here 🙂

and now we’ve spent the last couple days prepping for a baby shower for another dear friend!

the invitations i posted here

this morning i finished the guest book and gift book.

gift book and box envelope that holds the gift book and guest book

verses on child-rearing and parenthood mixed in with guests signatures and notes



finished front of the guest book

guest book

the booties might just be my favorite 🙂


perspective! they are huge and awesome! wish i had time to chalk em up!


i'm in love with the large owls! (5 1/2 inches) this owls home for the shower will be a clothesline! 🙂

the presents are wrapped

finishing two last minute projects and we’ll be ready for saturday.

now to attempt to keep this cold at bay so we can actually GO to the shower!

for the last few weeks i’ve had each week designated to serving someone in someway… (and it honestly has taken up the entire week! LOL)

next week i only have ONE thing lined up – soup to a family going through some trying health issues right now… (this is NOT going to take the whole week)

i’m very anxious to see what else is in store for me this coming week. i know it includes a trip home to see my family! YAY!

how are you serving outside of your 4 walls?

what needs have been met by other’s service or what needs do you have that still need met?