Posted: 03/03/2011 in favorites, me, spiritual growth

what a fun weekend/week!

i feel like i’ve spent all my energy loving on friends!

what an awesome experience!

first we had GREAT friends over – and our first overnight guests!

what a joy it is to be serving!

we’ve spent a couple days recovering from late nights and fun times

(i came down with mastitis even – no fun!)

kristi blogged a bit more about their visit here 🙂

and now we’ve spent the last couple days prepping for a baby shower for another dear friend!

the invitations i posted here

this morning i finished the guest book and gift book.

gift book and box envelope that holds the gift book and guest book

verses on child-rearing and parenthood mixed in with guests signatures and notes



finished front of the guest book

guest book

the booties might just be my favorite 🙂


perspective! they are huge and awesome! wish i had time to chalk em up!


i'm in love with the large owls! (5 1/2 inches) this owls home for the shower will be a clothesline! 🙂

the presents are wrapped

finishing two last minute projects and we’ll be ready for saturday.

now to attempt to keep this cold at bay so we can actually GO to the shower!

for the last few weeks i’ve had each week designated to serving someone in someway… (and it honestly has taken up the entire week! LOL)

next week i only have ONE thing lined up – soup to a family going through some trying health issues right now… (this is NOT going to take the whole week)

i’m very anxious to see what else is in store for me this coming week. i know it includes a trip home to see my family! YAY!

how are you serving outside of your 4 walls?

what needs have been met by other’s service or what needs do you have that still need met?

  1. Shonya says:

    I am sort of laughing at myself here. I first read your question and felt this conviction: what have I done to serve others?? oh no, i don’t think anything!

    Then the more I reflected on the week, the more I realized the things that have served others that I just don’t stop and think ‘this is serving others’. . .

    As I compile the letters my husband, children, and I have written to accompany the eight shirt/tie combos we are sending to orphan boys in Uganda as they attend the wedding of a couple who has been ministering to them in the name of the Lord. . .

    As I look at the pile of outlines that need graded from the public speaking class I volunteered to teach each Tuesday to home schooled high school kids. . .

    As I hear my four year old singing a song I’ve been playing over and over to learn for the musical I’m volunteering as music director for in the homeschool group. . .

    As I receive an email from my friend who is organizing the Families for Home Education Rally at the capitol next Tuesday thanking me for helping her prepare the thank you gifts for the 200+ legislators this week. . .

    Thank you, Breanna, for prompting this self-examination and helping motivate us to think of and serve others. It’s always good to reflect on what we’re doing and what more we can do.

    BTW, I’m proud of you for opening your home and letting God use it to bless others. Meeting cyber friends sounds like GREAT FUN!!!

  2. Great post Brea! The guest and gift books are SO cute! I love the idea of putting verses from the Word in the mix. 🙂 Great comment to you too, Shonya. What a blessing to be reminded of the smaller (yet profound) things we do to serve others. I often forget about those things. 🙂

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