{yes mama}

Posted: 03/07/2011 in jace legend, videos

jace started saying “yes mama” yesterday!

my camera has decided to be dumb (bought in 9/10) and i have to mail it in 😦 i’m already missing it desperately!

i had to use the video camera on the computer…

i did two videos.

the first one had sound.

this one! no sound!


i have no idea!!!

i’m so horribly bummed!

imagine how cute it would be with sound!!! 😦

i can read my lips – i’m hoping you can too!

man is he cute!

i KNOW i’m not biased 😉

***i just previewed it on youtube and there is SOUND!!!!! oh this mama is THRILLED!!!!!***

  1. Shonya says:

    Yep, he’s cute alright! 😉

  2. Pam Sparks says:

    what an awesome boy! SO, SO CUTE! This is going to be terrible w/out videos! boo hoo…

  3. Aww! YAY! Good job Jace!

    And Brea, I think it’s hilarious that everything is backwards. It doesn’t even look like your in your house at first glance. hehehe 😀

    SO nice to see you in video. 🙂 Keep it up. It will help me hold off until our next visit. 😉

  4. Amanda Drost says:

    that is just so very cute!!

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