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today, she sat at the dining room table coloring strawberry shortcake.

i turn around for a few moments and turn back – she colored a path down the table top, down the table leg and stopped, thankfully, before coloring the floor!

she passingly says “sorry!”

oooh i’m so tired of hearing “sorry”.

“sorry” does not excuse anything. or suddenly make a wrong, right.

to this girl, right now, it’s the go-to word.

“don’t talk back to me”

“oh, sorry!” walks off

“uuuh get back here. “sorry” did not just get you out of trouble!”

she was absolutely devastated when she realized “sorry” didn’t cut it and her favorite elephant had to take a nap on top of the fridge instead of cuddled warm next to her.

she LOVES writing her letters. she is getting super good at it. 🙂 “z” is her favorite. she LOVES that she has TWO! in her name. she tends to get a little carried away and might add a little extra to her “z”.

i see myself in her now. in her facial features, i mean. i see myself in her in all the bad ways, but none of the good. until today.

she is so grown up to me.


story telling, accurately.

still so much to work on. there always will be.

like, when walking into a church we were visiting sunday and proclaiming, “not this church! the OTHER ONE!” nice. this week we are going to “the other one”, she best not do this again and refer to the one we went to last week… 🙂

her spunk is adorable!

11 months {jlb}

Posted: 05/24/2011 in jace legend

today marks 11 months old.

i sit here wondering where the past 11 months have gone.

savoring today.