{memories} memorial week 2011

Posted: 05/31/2011 in family

wow, what a weekend!!!

before i tidy the house. clean the kitchen. wash all the laundry.

i must write this post.

eric went and helped the city of joplin after last week’s horrible tornado ripped through. 6 miles long and 1 mile wide of the heart of the city.

while he was gone for the weekend, i did not want to stay home worrying about him running a chainsaw (they scare the tar out of me, one slip and his leg is gone….) so i packed up and went to my mom’s to spend a weekend with my mom, sisters and their families.

we went fabric shopping, played outside with aunt colors, crashed at aunt amanda’s one morning, ran to ottumwa’s menards and stamp store, bought flowers (which i planted yesterday! WHAT fun is flower planting!!!! new addiction!), ate frosty udder’s ice cream (black raspberry is the BEST!), played outside and swam at aunt amanda’s. shwoo! all while jace popped in 2 more teeth (making 6 total), decided to stand up by himself frequently, get down off of chairs, beds, and steps correctly, walk with a push toy and was even caught crawling up grandma’s back stairway (he made it half way up before i stopped him… he was fast too!). what a big boy complex he has now and loved showing off to daddy when we all got home. lizzie has a blast with her cousins!! i usually don’t see her much. LOL but she got a new dress from aunt colors!! 😀

eric, didn’t have quite so much ‘fun’…. here’s some more pictures of his trip. joplin, mo tornado 2011

hearing him tell the stories… just mind blowing… horrible. absolutely horrible. we will continually be praying for these people as they attempt to rebuild their lives without dear loved ones, homes and possessions that remind them of those loved ones. in the mean time, we are cherishing everything we are blessed with in new ways, including each other.

God is good.

  1. Pam Sparks says:

    the first day he just played peek a boo with me at the top of the back stairs and him at the bottom… so cute!

  2. Deidra says:

    One of my coworkers spent the holiday weekend in Joplin. When we got back to the office today, she had posted photos on a shared drive for all of us to view. Astounding! Thanks to your husband for pitching in!

  3. aj says:

    What a fun weekend. Glad you could come and Eric could help out in Joplin. Hard to wrap your brain around the devastation.

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